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Spanish Immersion Colombia
The dulcet tones of the Colombian Spanish dialect, plus the picture perfect white sandy beaches and palm trees, ecologically diverse jungles and breathtaking mountain ranges make Colombia a prime destination for adventuresome Spanish learners. Actually, you don’t have to be that adventuresome at all. It’s an incredible modern country that is easy to get around in. Many people from America and Europe come here to study, but in an odd way THANKS to bad publicity from the drug war, which has been way overhyped, Colombia is relaxingly free of the mobs that have overrun Costa Rica. And the low cost of living is reflected in the prices of tuition for Spanish courses in Colombia. Quality of instruction is high, prices are low—what better combination can a student hope for?

On this page we help you find a Spanish school in Colombia, we encourage you to visit their Web sites, compare their lesson plans and tuition rates, and read the student reviews and online teacher evaluations. This is no South American backwater; Colombia is on the forefront of the state of the art Spanish instructional infrastructure being popularized in the developed world. From Bogotá to Medellin, Cali to Baranquilla, certified Spanish institutes and local colleges offer language classes to non-native Spanish teachers, taught by native Colombian professors. Spanish classes in Cartagena, Colombia allow students to enjoy the backdrop of an exciting colonial port city, a jewel on the Caribbean, while Cucuta Spanish immersion programs are held near vast swaths of breathtaking national parks. You will also find schools that teach Spanish as a second language to both children and adults in Bucaramanga, Ibague, Pereira, Santa Marta, Bello, Pasto, Manizales, Neiva and Soledad, Colombia.

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