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Learning Spanish is easier than it seems. But while we at SpanishProfessor.org are convinced that Spanish learning can be easy and fun, we understand that not everybody sees it that way. Many people who have a real desire to learn the language are held back by constraints - both real and psychological. The imaginary psychological obstacles come in many forms, such as "I just don't have the time" or "I'm too old to learn a new language" or "languages just aren't my thing," and so on.

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

After spending a few minutes on our Website, you will quickly realize that learning Spanish is actually incredibly easy for students at any level. We have repeated it over and over again: learning Spanish is about having fun, and picking up the language quickly. Indeed, at SpanishProfessor.org, much of what we do as an organization is to help you break through those psychological barriers, and show you how easy it really can be to pick up the language. People who have used this Website to find the right Spanish programs are repeatedly telling us that the way to make it work is to dive in and just do it. Buy a Spanish language program anywhere on this site or on the Web, and you'll be on your way. It's that simple.

Fine. For many people, that's probably an OK way to proceed. Once you have gotten over their psychological inhibitions to learning a new language, all you have to do is pull out your credit card and buy a Spanish language learning course online.

But wait.

Because sometimes it's not as simple as just buying something. Especially when you can get easy and free Spanish lessons online. Indeed, before just buying a program, you are likely to be facing another series of very general - yet important - questions about online and even offline Spanish learning programs:

Questions like, how do I know that the course is the right one for me to take? Or, with so many Spanish programs out there, how do I know if I'm buying the right one? After all, you don't want to buy a Spanish program only to realize that it's not the right one for you. That would be contrary to our methodology: that Spanish learning should be fun and easy.

So it's with all of the above in mind that we are incredibly happy to announce that you can find free Spanish lessons online. Yes, it's true. And there's no catch. We're serious. If you don't believe us, then just click here right now and start learning. In just a matter of minutes, you WILL HAVE learned Spanish. For free. Then you'll know that it's true. You CAN get effective Spanish lessons online for absolutely free. No strings attached.

You'll see that not only are the Spanish lessons superb but, again, they are free. The online course, which is offered for free by the U.S. Institute of Languages, is obviously a teaser for you to be able to buy their package. We did, and we don't regret it. The complete set of Spanish learning CDs that they offer is a comprehensive program after which anybody could boast fluency in the Spanish language.

But we only bought the program after thoroughly going through all of the free Spanish lessons offered on their Website. We turned on the volume and clicked on every one of them and put in the time, and we were absolutely impressed by the level of quality and intuitiveness that an online program could offer. And believe us when we tell you that we've seen a lot of online Spanish language programs out there, and quite frankly most of them are garbage.

Try them out for yourself. Go scour the Web for both paid as well as free Spanish programs, and then click here to try these free online Spanish classes offered by the U.S. Institute of Languages. You'll see the difference. We did. We experienced what they were talking about when they talk about making Spanish class fun.

Learn how to form sentences in Spanish
The free Spanish lessons that we are recommending are bar none the best you can find on the Web. All you need is what you have right now: a computer with audio, and an Internet connection. Nothing more. Want to know what it's like? Click here now and try out the first lesson. You will experience a delightfully simple Web application that guides you slowly, yet surely through the initial Spanish lesson. After the free lesson, you will actually be able to form complete sentences in Spanish. Simple sentences, at first. Then as complex as you want. But no matter what you will be able to check into a hotel, order drinks and even make basic conversation with people on the street—in any Spanish speaking country or region.

With just one free lesson you know how to form basic Spanish sentences, and you can start speaking real Spanish. No joke. And who knew it could be so easy? The method this course uses is the best way for students to get help completing sentences in Spanish. These free Spanish lessons are a godsend to us at SpanishProfessor.org, because it is the absolute essence of our philosophy that learning the Spanish language should be fun and easy. And now, with the U.S. Institute of Languages, making Spanish sentences and really learning Spanish can be free!

And as far as we're concerned, what could be easier than free? So click here now and start learning Spanish for free today!

It bears repeating again that we were overjoyed when we learned about this incredible opportunity to learn Spanish online for free, because nothing could be closer to our stated goals and ideals than making Spanish learning fun and easy. Not only are the Spanish lessons free, but they are enjoyable, and easy to complete. Just think, after less than twelve minutes of studying Spanish online for free you will be able to introduce yourself to a Spanish speaker, and possibly even begin an enduring friendship. All just after 12 minutes. And then, imagine what more you could learn with the whole package of CDs they are offering.

Free Spanish spoken lessons online
But even without those, you can learn so much online right now by just clicking over and finding out how to speak complete Spanish sentences. And with their superb pronunciation guides and advanced audio capabilities, the free online Spanish lessons will not only teach you the words, but how to say them - and sound alright while doing so!

These free Spanish lessons are formatted so that you listen to the words being spoken in the actual voice of a native Spanish speaking Spanish instructor, who guides you slowly and gracefully through the free language course as you follow along the written words on the screen. You will have time to pronounce the words as well as listen to them repeated, so that while your brain is reinforcing the lessons that your eye sees, your ears will also be pulling in valuable pronunciation information and your mouth will quickly begin to become accustomed to the way the Spanish words are pronounced.

And again, all of this is for free. So click here right now and experience your first free online Spanish lesson, and prepare to be impressed! The chance to learn, for free, Spanish sentences at the expert and fluent level doesn't come everyday. So click here to start learning now.

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