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Ireland Spanish Immersion
Regardless of the ups and downs that bankers and politicians have put Ireland through, the enduring legacy of the Celtic Tiger is that this nation is once and for all an international, cosmopolitan place where people are open to the rest of the world, and to new cultures, ideas and business opportunities. A cheap flight away from the Iberian Peninsula, Ireland has become a huge hub for Spanish immersion programs, because the cleverer among the Irish have detected which way the wind is blowing and where the work and market opportunities will be in less than a decade, and on this page we will show you where you can find the best programs for learning this new language.

Spanish classes in Ireland are typically taught by native speakers who hail from all parts of the Spanish speaking world, because it is so easy to arrive here and set up shop or find a job. This openness is a boon for the Irish, and gives students here a massive selection of quality professors and programs. There is so much choice that you can practically hand-select the instructor with the accent you want to learn best. Some people prefer the slower paced, clearer dialects, while others are into the choppier, more colorful Spanish spoken in other parts of the world. No matter what kind of Spanish you want to learn, you can find a teacher in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, who can teach you the precise type of Spanish you need to know. Oftentimes you can learn both in the same course.

Naturally, most beginner intensive immersion Spanish courses in Ireland will cover all the basics, and as supplementary lessons, extra credit or free time activities the professor will let his or her hair down and familiarize the students with some local slang from the region he or she hails from, because a good teacher knows how to balance the brass tacks of language instruction with (informative) fun and entertainment at the right pace so that students remain engaged but actually learn valuable Spanish lessons and start speaking fluently (even if at just a basic level) within weeks if not days after beginning the Ireland Spanish immersion course.

Cheap Spanish immersion Ireland
Don’t get ripped off. The cost of Spanish classes in Ireland has, is and most likely will remain extremely low despite the sky-high prices you see listed on flashy ads targeting naïve young students. Don’t be sucked in to those profit-centered traps because low cost Spanish immersion in Ireland is easy to find and always has been if you know where to look. We show you where the hidden tuition discounts are and the standard city college and university sessions are being offered to all members of the community including adult Spanish immersion classes in Ireland for continuing education credit as well as Spanish for Irish kids, preschool and kindergarten immersion in Spanish and elementary school, formatory, secondary and prep school Spanish classes throughout Ireland and low rates because education is not a privilege, it’s your right. Choose from the following and click to enroll in Ireland language schools and university department classes where high quality Spanish instruction is available at affordable prices:

Beginning & intermediate level Spanish evening classes provided by Dun Laoghaire Tuition Centre at Dublin, Ireland
Spanish for kids and Spanish lessons for adults in Ireland (beginners, intermediate, advanced) provided by The Language Institute in Galway.

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