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Behind the Wheel Spanish

This Spanish CD course is designed for you to take the lessons while behind the wheel. No, really. It is a completely hands-free solution. The way it's designed, there are no lingering questions, everything is explained in the audio format. The makers of this solid product really understand that you want to learn Spanish while driving. You don't want to have to try to remember all these points to look up in the supplementary materials when you get home, no. You want to get your lessons, and get to speaking and understand Spanish well in a short amount of time.

Driving to and from work, taking the kids to ballet and soccer practice, running errands—all the while you will be soaking in complete Spanish lessons on audio CD. Unlike other programs, this CD set for commuters is perhaps the most true to its name, precisely because it does not rely on supplementary materials.

Of course, they are there if you want them. You can get your “extra credit” and expedite your Spanish learning by bolstering up on the complete illustrated text insert, included in the 8, one hour long CDs. That way you’ll make this course, which you can complete in under two weeks, that much more meaningful. But again, it bears repeating. What we really like about this program is how complete the audio portions of the lessons are. It may seem like a no brainer, but we’ve tried out a lot of supposedly driver-friendly Spanish audio CD programs and we’ve been left rather puzzled.

Without a doubt, oftentimes the answers to our questions were found in the supplementary written parts, where we were like “ooooh, yeah, that explains it,” but honestly, we believe that defeats the whole purpose. If you want to learn Spanish while you drive, Behind the Wheel Spanish is your best bet. It gets a four star rating on Amazon.com, where we’ve uncovered the cheapest Spanish CDs on the Web.

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Behind the Wheel Spanish Audio CD

Depending on your level, you can choose from the following editions:

Behind the Wheel - Spanish 1

Behind the Wheel - Spanish 2

Behind the Wheel - Spanish 3

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