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Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2+3+4+5

The Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2+3+4+5 package includes five Spanish DVD-ROMs and five supplementary audio CDs, plus downloadable podcasts that allow you to fit lessons in while you're on the go. In addition, this package comes with a Navigator which provides invaluable quick reference so you can learn Spanish at any given moment, all throughout the day. How long is each Fluenz lesson? How many lessons? The DVDs include 150 lessons, each of which are up to 2 and a half hours each, featuring professionally proven tutoring methods that are so effective that elites in nearly every field of interest to Spanish speakers use this method, counting among them the US Navy, UN and UNICEF officials, Harvard Business School graduates and executives at leading Fortune 500 companies. Does Fluenz offer a CD to listen to in the car? Yes, and we show you how to buy it cheap. How much does Fluenz cost? Less than you think. We will let you in on the steep Fluenz discounts. You can save money while learning Spanish via Fluenz download or buy the actual discs. And did you realize there is a teacher discount on Fluenz Spanish?

Now here is our consumer review of Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2+3+4+5:

When it comes to Spanish education software, not all DVDs, CD-ROMs and podcasts were created equal. Some of them are severely behind the times technologically and graphically, while others were made shoddily in the first place. Still others employ a teaching method that resembles more a one room schoolhouse from the 19th Century than anything you can insert into a disc drive, or listen to in your car. But the real menace, we've found, is the just-alright brand of learning software that spits out some decent lessons and definitely improves your Spanish, but doesn't really get you to the fluent level you've been dreaming about attaining - not nearly fast enough.

Fortunately, Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1 is much more than just-alright. In fact, we're willing to go so far as to say its electronic Spanish lessons are the best of class. This is an objective Fluenz version F2 Spanish review, but it's impossible not to betray a little emotion when telling you that when comparing Fluenz Version F2 versus Rosetta Stone Spanish, Tell Me More or Rocket Spanish and trying to determine which, in an ideal world, should hold the title of #1 consumer rated Spanish software, we've found the price and quality of Fluenz to be much, much more appealing than all the rest. One important distinction in the Rosetta Stone vs Fluenz secret is that the latter doesn't shy away from explaining important grammatical concepts and word definitions in English. This may come off as sacrilegious to those purist pedagogues who insist that confusing students by presenting the lesson in a foreign language is somehow good for learning and builds character..hogwash. Why? Because when you ask how long does Fluenz take compared to traditional, out-dated teaching methods, the proof is in the pudding. Fluenz F2 Spanish language training software employs the latest research into how the brain picks up a new language, so you can be confident that each lesson is vetted by teachers and scientists alike, who rate rate Fluenz software as among the best available. Switch on the program to enter into their virtual world and meet the convincing and helpful tutor character named Sonia Gil, who takes you through all levels of Fluenz Version F2 for Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, speaks in ENGLISH when it's important to get crucial concepts across and ultimately help you speak SPANISH much more fluently! That's where great minds split on the great Fluenz vs Rosetta Stone Spanish debate. Keep reading to learn what the better program really is. Because only one of them is truly effective, depending on what kind of learner you are. To compare compare Fluenz, Rosetta Stone and Rocket Spanish you not only have to know what kind of learner you are, but you have to read the right product reviews.

We can't emphasize this enough. The creators of this ingenious Fluenz Spanish language virtual tutor software have learned from the mistakes of the past and created a proven system that has been found effective by the captains of industry of major Fortune 500 Companies who regularly seal big ticket deals throughout the Spanish-speaking world, including Spain and most of Latin America. Many are hard pressed to find foreign language programs that equal two years of Fluenz.

But don't take our word for it. Click around the Internet and read what other people are saying—especially other students. Fluenz version F2 customer reviews consistently come in positive. Satisfied buyers are speaking and understanding Spanish and near-native levels. Sure, they have had to put the work in and spend a good deal of time studying. This software isn't a magic potion: you have to do your part. With Fluenz, how much time a day is required to learn depends on your level of motivation and your schedule. But since each lesson is practically snack-size, and one lesson a day is a steady and surefire way to learn the language at a comfortable pace with which you can absorb all the material, the daily time required to spend on Fluenz Spanish is achievable even for the laziest among us. But the true miracle is the Fluenz teaching method, which ensures that every minute prepares you for the next, and not a second of your time is wasted.

What's so special about their teaching method? First it should be mentioned that many training institutes use Fluenz for teachers to demonstrate one of the most effective methods of language instruction. But in addition to their no-nonsense approach to explaining concepts in English and making sure you understand each lesson at every stage, they have a distinct approach to tailored specifically to those who grew up speaking English. A certain grammatical rule in Spanish may not make sense at first, but when Sonia Gil explains its English language counterpart, it really makes sense, because Sonia really understands English as well. At this point you may be asking, are all 5 levels of Fluenz worth it? If you're starting from the beginning, then absolutely. If you're starting from the intermediate level, then you can test in and start at level 2 or 3. But here's the point: having gone through years upon years of high school and university Spanish courses, where native Hispanic professors constantly struggled at getting across certain fundamental Spanish grammar rules to us English speakers, I can tell you from personal experience that Sonia is second to none. She's a fictional creation but she embodies the knowledge of the linguists over at Fluenz who include native Spanish speakers AND native English speakers. She embodies both sides of the brain. Does Sonia Gil teach every level of Fluenz? Yes, because she is the best of both worlds, all rolled into one convincing tutor character who you really get to know throughout these many hours of study that honestly will go by a lot quicker than you think. How long does Fluenz Spanish 4 & 5 take to reach fluency? This depends, because the doing the whole program obviously takes longer than just levels 4 & 5, or 2 & 3, for example. Even if the whole program takes 1 year, that's hardly the blink of an eye considering that upon completion of this course you really will be FLUENT in Spanish. When it comes to saving time and learning Spanish quickly, consider this: does Fluenz level 1 equal 1 year in school? Easily. Sure, it depends on your pace, but in only five levels a student can reach peak fluency in Spanish. Compare that to four years of high school Spanish plus two years of college-level Spanish, and then ask youself how much time does it take for Fluenz, and you'll see how this software starts to make sense. After completing Fluenz is it the equivalent of three years of high school language study? More. Much more. If you're wondering "what level of Fluenz is right for me?" that can easily be determined online.

What do you do after Fluenz Spanish 5? Once you've reached fluency, that's when the fun truly begins. It's not about being done, quite the contrary. Fluenz 1-5 in Spanish gets you to the point where you can snowball with vocab accumulation, idiomatic expressions and slang, and pick up richness and nuance at a level unimaginable even, perhaps, in your native tongue (because you pay less attention to a language you've always known your whole life). You'll pass any Spanish competency test they throw before you, but we encourage you not to have the mindset that once you get through to level 5 that the story is over. Spanish is like a fire that needs constant kindling. We encourage you to throw some hefty logs on the fire and keep speaking Spanish for the rest of your life.

How much does Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2+3+4+5 cost?
If you're anything like us, then you'll be asking yourself at this point, what is the best price for Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2+3+4+5. At clearance prices, Fluenz costs less than Rosetta Stone Spanish. That's because if you act now, you can save $177 right off the bat. Can't find Fluenz used? Now you can. We show you how to find a like-new lower priced version of this Spanish DVD-ROM set by teaching you one simple trick most buyers forget or simply overlook. Before you start your search, you could save a ton of time searching how to get Fluenz for cheap by checking out the latest Fluenz Spanish F2 used prices on Internet retail shopping sites. How much is Fluenz when you buy it from a previous owner? When you're truly committed to getting the Fluenz Spanish best price, it can be a tricky game to play, you may be able to shave a few bucks off a used copy of this DVD-ROM set, only to find that the huge discount rates for Fluenz Version F2 Spanish that are here today might be gone tomorrow. Another way to save money is to buy the individual levels, like a Fluenz Spanish 3 download, if you know which one is right for you, and nobody else in your family or study group will be using it at their level. For instance, you can click online and buy a cheap Fluenz 3 download, then buy the subsequent Fluenz fluency level when you are ready, so that at the end of the day you will only have had to buy Fluenz Spanish 3, 4 and 5. Sometimes, however, you save money by purchasing all five levels together. Especially when considering that one copy of the program is good for the whole household: how many family members can use Fluenz Spanish is a question of how many want to. Can you make backup discs of Fluenz for legal, personal use? Absolutely, you can copy Fluenz because program is easy to share. How many computers can I install Fluenz on? As long as it stays in the household, and you're fine. So in that case it could easily mean buying the whole 1-5 set, unless every family member using the program is at the exact same level and moves at the exact same pace, in which you could still buy this one-level-at-a-time and perhaps save money. But even if you have family various household members learning at different levels and different paces, the savings might not only come from buying all the levels at once and reducing the total amount of money spent by not having to buy the same Fluenz Spanish program again for a different person, but the Fluenz discount might also work out at the packaged-together 1-5 level because buying them individually would cost even more than if you work out the price-per-level at the package level (by dividing the total Fluenz cost by five). Finding this super-cheap bulk rate Fluenz F2 Spanish package bargain involves poking around and comparing Fluenz prices, and we encourage you to shop smart. We also show you the best places online to snag the cheapest Fluenz downloads and discs.

Fluenz discount
This is the page where we show people like you who are looking for copy of Fluenz at low prices how to get those deep discounts that you suspect are out there. They are. How can I get a discount on Fluenz Spanish? Again, this is where we show you in explicit detail how to find the Fluenz Spanish best prices. Let's start with the trick that many buyers don't know about: the Fluenz educator discount, which can apply to qualified teachers and professors affiliated with recognized schools and universities. The educational discount Fluenz Spanish offers is one of the most generous in the industry, and competitors like to point to this as some sort of bribe. If that's the case, then bribe away, because we've seen hundreds, if not thousands of students become fluent Spanish speakers for cheap by taking advantage of this little known trick to saving money. It is a trick, because most people don't know how to get it. Most people wonder: what if you I'm an independent learner, and want to take advantage of the Fluenz academic discount for Fluenz language learning software? Most people give up after a few clicks and pay the full sticker price. But a few clever consumers know, like we do, that there is an easy way to to qualify for the lower price on Fluenz software, even if you're not, technically, an educator.

Fluenz spanish full version coupon code

If you want to buy the complete set of DVDs at a discounted price, there are several sites on the Internet that provide promotion codes. They are often out-of-date, so it's not always easy to get the Fluenz coupon code on your first try. But don't give up because you can usually save from 5% to 20% off the retail price when you find an active code.

Learn Spanish Fluenz F2 download

It is important to understand that because this is a computer based program, and Internet connectivity today is ubiquitous, it is very easy to download Fluenz F2 if you know how. RAR, Zip, VLC—you've got options. It doesn't matter what store what store is Fluenz sold in, you can download it so much cheaper. We show you how to get this software off the Internet. If you can't find Fluenz F2 p2p, you're not looking hard enough: just go to the site where it is sold for cheap, look for the Fluenz download (sometimes you have to scroll down, or even sideways), click on the link and pay pennies on the dollar, rock-bottom clearance prices for the cheap or even free Fluenz F2 download. Then, if you want, you can also get your CD-ROM and DVDs in the mail, just to have as a backup alongside all your supplementary learn Spanish Fluenz download materials, but you can start learning just seconds after you get it cheap off the Internet.

Fluenz Spanish on sale
Here is where you can buy the complete set of discs online at the lowest prices:
Buy Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2+3+4+5 with supplemental Audio CDs and Podcasts

Or buy individual levels or specific groups of levels if you don't need the entire set at once. If you are a beginner and don't know if you want to invest in all five levels in one shot, but rather want to do the first three levels, then this is the product for you:

Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2+3 with supplemental Audio CDs and Podcasts

Alternately, if you already know some Spanish and want to pick up at the intermediate level then complete the course, we would recommend buying the last three levels:

Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 3+4+5 with supplemental Audio CDs and Podcasts

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