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What is Learn Learn Lingo's Complete Spanish Immersion?
When you buy the 8 DVD set, you will get 8 full hours of multimedia Spanish instruction. Because these Spanish lessons were filmed in one of the world's largest Spanish-speaking countries - Mexico - the DVD program gives its viewers, Spanish students, the unique opportunity to be virtually immersed in the local culture. In addition to providing essential instruction learning Spanish verbs, nouns, numbers and adjectives, the viewer gets to tag along with native Mexicans who show off all the fun and excitement that Mexico has to offer. As the story proceeds, you'll hardly even notice that you're learning Spanish. Many feel that this is the next best thing to actually learning Spanish in a Spanish speaking country. Furthermore, many students who successfully complete all 8 DVDs have the confidence to continue their journey, and actually travel to Mexico or another Spanish speaking country.

Kick start your Spanish fluency by picking up a copy of this exceptional, proven DVD program today.

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