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A teacher will always tell you that every aspect of the language is important, and that’s true—to a certain extent. But in our experience there is a single set of rules that you can learn that will throttle your ability forward dramatically. You’ll be able to understand, and be understood more quickly than ever if you learn one simple aspect of the Spanish language. What is it?

Verb conjugation.

Without this, it doesn’t matter how many vocabulary words you know, or how well you pronounce them. You’ll still sound like Tarzan. And people will be confused. Being able to conjugate verbs in Spanish is the single most important lesson you can learn.

Unfortunately, many people get tripped up. The conjugation tables seem too hard. The books are too thick. The memorization too tricky. We can sympathize—we had to learn Spanish verb conjugation too. We studied it in high school and we agree conjugation is one of the hardest parts of learning Spanish…

Until now.

That’s right, now there is a Spanish language verb conjugation software that you can download right now and start learning Spanish verb conjugation in minutes. The lesson plans are intuitive and engaging. You won’t have to crack a book and pore over the confusing and eye-crossing conjugation tables only to wake up with your head pressed against the open pages made soggy by a puddle of your own drool. We promise you will be very much awake when you learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs with the Verbarrator lessons. Why?

Because they are FUN.

And that’s what we believe to be the single most important ingredient to learning any Spanish lesson. Enjoyment. This software is EXCITING and really pulls you in. It is much more like playing a game than like learning a lesson. We’ve tried it out ourselves and practiced it with a few of our students whom we teach. They are beginners and have never taken Spanish before. They are doing better on the quizzes and tests than any other students we have tutored. And whereas it took us months to have conjugation down, and it continues to be an obstacle to many veteran Spanish speakers, these kids who used the Verbarrator have Spanish verb conjugation down flat in just weeks. It is jaw-droppingly impressive how well they get it. It's like it is seared into their brains. And it’s all because of this software and the secret formula it employs to make students adept and correct and know how to conjugate verbs in Spanish.

But don’t take our word for it. Click around the Internet and read Verbarrator consumer reviews, software ratings, teacher’s comments, students testimonials. Even the competitor sites have to acknowledge the speed and efficacy of this program. We checked, we've done hours upon hours of research. We wanted to see if our good experience with Verbarrator was corroborated by others, or if for some reason we had some genius students on our hands. Of course the kids are bright, but no different from other kids. We’ve gone online and found an overwhelming number of teachers and tutors who use this product as a study aid and some instructors are actually getting a little upset. It’s an ego thing, we think. These professors and high school teachers have been teaching Spanish conjugation by using verb tables for so long that they think it’s the only right way. And when they off-handedly just for a lark went out and tried this Spanish verb conjugation software, just for fun or because they didn't want to seem stodgy to other faculty members, the amazing results sort of blew them away.

More progressive educators are throwing out the books and old, tired lesson plans and giving every student access to Verbarrator. But we are going to take it a step further: our secret tip is that you can actually do without teachers altogether, if you quickly want to learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs, just click here now to buy Verbarrator cheap and save on the cost of a course or private lessons. Save that for an advanced lesson, if you really must go into a classroom. For now, you can teach yourself, spend next to no money and get the value of an entire semester or year of elementary Spanish. It's that easy.

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