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Language aquisition requires daily study, even if only for a few minutes at a time. By going over basic Spanish grammar rules, listening to Spanish sentences, repeating them, and picking up a few new vocabulary words every day, you will learn Spanish much more quickly than you may have expected, even though you may feel that you are moving slowly. Just like the fabled tortuse (tortuga), slow and steady really does win the race!

The basic rules for learning Spanish are the same for everyone, but there are a number of Spanish programs have been specially designed for different people, with different needs. Some people may want to buy a CD package and learn quickly on their own, while other people may want to learn Spanish while studying abroad in a different country, like Mexico, Spain, or Costa Rica. Still others may wish to study Spanish through a distance learning program, or learn specialized Spanish vocabulary for a professional field such as medicine, business, or law. Here are a few different options:

Spanish Learning Software

Instructional CDs
If you have a busy schedule, for instance, then you may only have time to study while you are commuting in your car or on the train or bus. In your case, an instructional CD or cassette to play in your car may be an ideal way to make the most of your commute time. If you're interested, you can learn more about Spanish learning CDs, read our in-depth reviews of Spanish learning CD programs or get real consumer advice on learn Spanish audio instructional programs and compare Rosetta Stone Spanish vs Rocket Spanish review. Also check out Learn in your Car Spanish Complete Language Course on CD. Read our Behind the Wheel Spanish Review and buy Pimsleur Spanish 3.

CD-ROM Spanish Instructional Packs

One of the tried and true methods of learning Spanish via computer, these electronic language lessons can be uploaded to virtually any mobile device, or enjoyed at the comfort of your home or office computer. Find out where to buy Spanish CD-ROM sets at clearance prices.

DVDs for Learning Spanish
Self-motivated learners can take advantage of the rich multi-medium platform the instructional DVDs provide for learning Spanish. Here we offer a guide to finding the best deals on Spanish instruction and lessons with DVDs. One extremely effective program is Learn Lingo's Complete Spanish Immersion 8 DVD Set. And another is the Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2+3+4+5 package versus Tell Me More Spanish.

Learning Spanish Books
Highly effective but oft-overlooked, do-it-yourself Spanish lesson books can be a fun and fast way to pick up the language quickly. We show you where to find the best deals, by sniffing out sales and clearance prices that most online shoppers don't know how to find. You will know how to find the deals once you read how to buy cheap learn Spanish books.

Learn Spanish Tapes

Cassettes with audio language lessons can be an affordable, effective way to learn Spanish without committing to a 110-CD set before you're sure you know what you're getting into. We recommend shoppers who still love their home tape players, or who still have a tape player in their car, browse our list of cheap learn Spanish tapes to discover great deals on quality Spanish lessons.

Spanish for Children
The rapidly advancing science of children's language instruction is something we keep a close eye on here. We have developed a list of the most helpful resources for teaching your child Spanish, from school programs to games to supplemental tutorials. Learn more about Spanish for kids. Also check out your options for online Spanish immersion for young children.

Online Courses
You may, however, find that the interactive nature of the Web is most suited to your learning needs. These days, more and more people are enrolling in distance education, and an online Spanish course On the Internet, you can cover the 4 basic cornerstones of Spanish language acquisition: reading, writing, listening and speaking, and an instructor can monitor your progress.

In fact, many students find that having an instructor - someone to check up on their progress - provides the necessary motivation to learn Spanish. You may be that kind of learner. Distance learning programs offer online courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Find out more about how to learn Spanish online or enroll in a Spanish correspondence college. Also K-12 Spanish distance learning including online high school Spanish classes and info on how middle school students can learn Spanish over the Internet.

International Spanish Schools
Learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to go if you wish to become fluent in Spanish. There is no shortage of beautiful hispanic countries for students to study in. Programs range from week long intensive courses to year abroad programs. Learn more about international Spanish language schools, such as:

Costa Rica Spanish schools

Schools that teach Spanish in Colombia

Spanish language institutes in Mexico

Peru Spanish immersion

Spain Spanish schools

- cheap Spanish courses in Valencia
- Discount Spanish schools in Madrid
- Barcelona Spanish immersion
- find a cheap Spanish course in Zaragoza
- learn Spanish in Cartagena, Spain

Institutes for learning Spanish in Argentina

Spanish schools in Chile

Affordable UK Spanish schools
-Learn Spanish in London, England
-Manchester Spanish classes for children and adults
-Spanish immersion courses Birmingham, UK

Spanish immersion Ireland

USA Spanish Schools
One of the most important Spanish speaking countries in the world is...the United States! Los Angeles, CA alone has the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world, and pretty much every major US city is a short runner up, with significant middle class Hispanic populations and concommitant immersion courses to help the non-native Speakers catch up. That's why Spanish summer schools in the States are becoming a big deal. Year-round too, of course: learn more about accredited Spanish language schools in the United States of America:

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Spanish instruction in Texas
- Houston, TX Spanish immersion programs
- Richardson, Texas Spanish lessons
- San Antonio, TX Spanish immersion classes
- Dallas Texas
immersion courses
- Learn Spanish in Austin, TX

Arizona Spanish language immersion programs
-Spanish schools in Phoenix, Arizona

Spanish immersion New Mexico

Hawaii Spanish Schools

Learn Spanish in Kentucky

Oregon Spanish courses

Spanish immersion in Utah

Learn Spanish Vermont

Puerto Rico Spanish immersion

Spanish courses in Washington, DC

Spanish immersion California
-San Francisco Spanish immersion schools for kids and adults
-San Diego, CA
Spanish schools
-Spanish immersion schools in Los Angeles, CA

Spanish immersion courses in Florida
-Learn Spanish in Orlando, Florida
-Spanish schools in Tampa Bay
-Affordable Spanish courses in Miami, FL

Learn Spanish in Colorado
-Accredited language programs in Denver, CO

New York State Spanish programs

-Spanish classes in New York City

Spanish classes in North Carolina

Pennsylvania Spanish schools

Intensive Spanish courses Wisconsin

Spanish immersion in Massachusetts university classes

Spanish immersion programs in Virginia

Schools that teach Spanish in Georgia
-Spanish immersion programs Atlanta

Learn Spanish in Illinois

Maryland Spanish programs

Alabama Spanish schools

Ohio Spanish immersion

Alaska classes for Spanish

Learn Spanish in Connecticut

Arkansas Spanish immersion courses

Michigan Spanish immersion

Learn Spanish in Minnesota
-Minneapolis, MN Spanish courses

Spanish lessons in Delaware

New Jersey Spanish immersion

Learn Spanish in Washington

Indiana instructional Spanish courses

Learn Spanish in Maine

Idaho Spanish instruction

Louisiana Spanish school programs

Spanish in Kansas for kids and adults

Iowa Spanish courses

Intensive Spanish immersion Missouri

Spanish Certificates
Find out about the importance of Spanish in an increasingly global and integrated workforce. Not only is immigration and integration with Spanish speakers becoming a fundamental part of the economy, but international relations and large scale deals are being conducted with firms from Spain and Latin America. Business leaders are relying more and more on translators, while negotiators and/or interpretors with business Spanish certificates—often obtained online—are increasingly in demand. Learn more about Spanish legal interpretation and translation certification as well as online business Spanish certficates, Spanish teaching certificate programs, medical Spanish, community Spanish, proficiency certification and DELE.

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