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Learn Spanish in Spain
Not only is this a great country to learn the native language, but it is a fascinating country where students can learn a lot about the culture, and live in the places where the Spanish language was originally born. Spain is a popular destination for both tourists and vacationers, and so likewise students coming to learn Spanish in Spain can choose from a variety of attractive Spanish courses in Spain which combine intensive language learning with extensive field trips, cultural context, Spain culture facts and lessons and ample free time for you and your friends to get to know Spain on your own - and practice your new-found Spanish language skills!

Some Spanish language schools on the Iberrian peninsula are downright competitive. Others are somewhat expensive - a summer program through an accreddited university may cost between 4 and 5 thousand dollars: standard fair for university tuition. Some programs give the option of studying for one week, two weeks, three weeks or four weeks, while with corresponding enrollment fees.

Decide which Spanish course is best for you. In Spain, you've got options. Do you want to study in the country's capital of Madrid? The Catalan center of Barcelona? The historical University townn of Salamanca, or the breathtaking Moorish region of Andalusia, near the Costa del Sol and the stunning Mosques and Cathedrals which hark to Spain's rich past?

What about the dialect of Spanish spoken in Spain? Before deciding to learn to speak Spanish in Spain, however, do note that the locals have a marked dialectical difference from the rest of Latin America. In addition to a different accent, there are different words in Spain and Latin America. (See our Spanish Dictionary page to look up slang and traditional words from Spain).

Indeed, there is a big difference between the way Spanish is spoken in the old world, and how it is spoken in the new world. But there is no need to fret: the differences aren't so big that you will not be able to understand people who speak with a different dialect. Also, bear in mind that Spanish language schools in Spain will structure the basis of their courses around a standard, neutral form of Spanish.

The better courses, not surprisingly, will weave vocabulary and figures of speech that reflect the local color, but more often than not will make you aware of the difference between the standard, neutral Spanish that you are learning, and the culturally unique tidbits that you pick up. Together, this comprehensive style of learning Spanish in Spain will teach you more than just the language, but inform you on the culture whose tongue you are beginning to speak.

Cheapest way to study Spanish in Spain
Despite the mention of the potentially high cost of certain Spanish language programs being offered in Spain, there is a great deal of variation, and it is possible to find cheap Spanish schools that offer a rich and quality language learning experience. Finding marked down tuition rates is one way to enter a Spanish course on the cheap.

In addition, there are other ways to enroll in Spanish classes at a discount rate, by conversing with the professor ahead of time, bargaining, or even offering to create an ad hoc work-study arrangement. For example, many language institutes in Spain are also in need of English teachers. Therefore, you could offer to teach English part time, in exchange for a discount or even a free ride on your Spanish lessons. Not only would this arrangement help you to reduce the price of your Spanish classes, but it would give you that much more of an insight into the local culture, and help you meet locals via your students.

Cities in Spain that are extremely popular to study Spanish include Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla - all three of which are located in the enchanting southern region of Andalusia, which still retains incredible relics of Moorish culture, present most obviously in various architechtural woners including the Alhambra in Granada, the mosque-cathedral and surrounding Jewish quarter in Cordoba, and the wending, mazelike medieval streets and ports of Sevilla. Also in the south, the port town of Cadiz is quite popular for students learning Spanish, often on summer programs. To the east, Murcia and Cartagena, and to the south Malaga - the birthplace of Pablo Picasso - is a fantastic summer town near numerous resorts, that provides a vibrant, yet relaxing environs in which to study Spanish.

In central Spain, great towns for studying Spanish include Salamanca, the ancient university town still teeming with vivacious youth, and Alcala de Henares, located just a half hour train ride outside of Madrid, is also a big center for Spanish courses. Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, provides a festive, pulsing city life and several universities and Spanish language institutes for foreigners to choose from. Barcelona, the second largest city, is a dream come true - especially for the more cosmopolitanly-inclined. But the oft-overlooked Zaragoza - halfway between Madrid and Barcelona - is replete with rich history and the pastoral beauty of the surrounding countryside will not be missed. You can take a 2 week Spanish course in Zaragoza, Spain, for instance. Many students find this locatino ideal for learning Spanish in Spain.

And remember, the difference in Spaniards' pronunciation and vocabulary does not impede language learning, but rather makes it more nuanced and interesting for the student who is seeking to learn Spanish in Spain. Here are a few resources to help you find the right school to study Spanish in Spain:

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