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Madrid Spanish Immersion
Most linguists surveyed agree that Madrid is the foremost place to learn real Spanish on the planet. This is where they speak the King’s Spanish, also known as Castilian, which is the most pure and original form of the language. This is also one of the most fun and exciting cities in the world. Not only is it extremely important to the country – Madrid is Spain’s political and cultural capital, as well as the largest city in the nation – but Madrid is one of Spain’s foremost party destinations. People here really know how to have fun. And apart from dancing and carousing, they love to talk. Talk, talk, talk. People here are extremely friendly and outgoing, and want to make you feel at home. As a student taking a Spanish language immersion course in Madrid, you will be embraced by the young folk here, who will give you the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the language.

Apart from the surprisingly low cost Spanish immersion courses in Madrid—we provide a list of these cheap Spanish language schools in Madrid—there is also an environment and a culture particular to this city which enables rapid acquisition of the language. Studying here is far better than studying in a small town where people speak in thick, incomprehensible dialect, and often keep to themselves. Rather, Madrid is lively and talkative, and it has even been noted by linguistics scholars that this type of environment is ideal for learning a second language (L2). In fact, many name Madrid explicitly in their published papers as a perfect breeding ground for learning Spanish.

Cheap Spanish classes in Madrid
You may be asking, at this point, how much does it cost to enroll in a Spanish immersion program in Madrid? Considering the central, cosmopolitan nature of the city, you may tend to assume that language classes here are priced at exorbitant rates. For sure, some are. But we’ve done our homework and found the cheap Spanish immersion classes in Madrid that you need to enroll in. We’ve scoured all the listings, even the government subsidized immigrant language programs, as well as the cheap Spanish courses designed specifically for young students under a certain age, and also special promotions at the premier, internationally accredited Spanish schools in Madrid. At first glance most students find the priciest programs and bumble in and sign up, spending hundreds of dollars more than they have to if only they did a little bit of Internet research and found that there really are good deals on low priced Spanish schools in Madrid that offer up the same level quality of instruction and oftentimes even better. You can pay next to nothing for a Spanish course and still be in the classroom with a PhD qualified language instructor, with a 5:1 student-teacher ratio.

We know real people who have actually taken these courses and become fluent in Spanish, they gave us outstanding student reviews of the cheap Madrid Spanish courses they took, and so now we are going to tell you how you can also get in on what they got in on. We are going to show you the secret way to save money when you enroll for a Spanish course in Madrid, discount priced enrollment with no hidden catch, or hidden fees. When you use this method, there is absolutely no sign up fee and the tuition is next to nothing, but you have to know how to enroll in a Madrid Spanish immersion program. There is a right way, and a couple of wrong ways.

In total, there are three ways: online, in person, and over the phone. Most people think that you can’t sign up online (incorrect: you can, and we’ll discuss that in a little bit). These folks wait till they’re in Madrid and they walk up to the school’s administration office with a wad of bills and get swindled, paying tons of money in cash. In many cases it’s worse than signing up for the gym. They really squeeze everything out of you when you sign up this way. But that’s not even the worst way to sign up. What other people do is call ahead, using skype or a phone card or even their phone company’s long distance plan to enroll in a Spanish class in Madrid over the phone. There are several major problems with this method of signing up. First, Spanish businesses typically charge exorbitant credit card fees for transactions that take place over the phone, so it is a very good idea not to mess with that. If only for that reason, don’t sign up over the phone. But there are other reasons not to. For instance, remember what we said about them squeezing every penny out of you? Well, on the phone it’s just the same, but worse, because of the ambiguity of the verbal contract, the supposed “misunderstandings” and all the rest that will undoubtedly give you sticker shock the next time you put on your glasses to look at your credit card bill.

The benefit to signing up online for Madrid Spanish courses is that you know exactly what you are paying at every step of the way. You also don’t have a salesperson breathing down your neck or peppering you with annoying “offers” and “promotions” over the phone, that will end up having you pay for a million little things that you don’t need. When signing up for a Madrid Spanish class on the Internet, you have the time to collect yourself and consider all the questions you want to ask. They have FAQ sections that clearly answer your questions and even hotline help numbers if you can’t find the answer to your question on the site right away. To be clear, these aren’t sales people you’re calling, it’s technical support and they are there ready to take your call only to make your online experience even easier. But it’s unlikely that you’ll need to call tech support. The advanced, state-of-the-art Web sites are designed to cater to smart shoppers like you, who don’t want to deal with any nonsense, you just want to click and enroll in a Madrid Spanish course online for the lowest cost possible. You also get an online receipt right away, and emailed to your inbox, so you know for certain that your card hasn’t been charged for anything you didn’t specifically enroll in. On the Internet, signing up for a Spanish class is transparent, easy and, dare we say fun? It kinda is fun, because you get to toggle over and look at the course catalog page right while you are signing up. Admittedly, we have a weakness for course catalogs, because for us it’s like Christmas morning, where you can see and read about all the fun features that a Spanish course has to offer. The course description will show you exactly what level of Spanish you will be speaking when you graduate a month or two from now. We think that’s fun. Anyway, when you enroll online you can read the course description and oftentimes it’s as easy as clicking on the title, where you’ll get redirected to a page where you just click the box with the name of the course, enter your credit card number, click “submit” and wala! You are enrolled in a Spanish class in Madrid! It really is that easy!

Another great benefit to enrolling online in Madrid intensive and normal Spanish programs, as well as test preparation and certificate programs, is that this method also makes it easy for you to research lodging, if that’s something you want to do. They offer promotions on cheap student housing, where you can live and party with fellow students – that’s always a lot of fun – but they also provide links to completely independent sites that also offer affordable short term housing in Madrid for intensive Spanish program attendees. Some of these are public service, not-for-profit government subsidized apartment programs that encourage cheap accommodation during your stay in the capital because the Spanish state has an interest in opening its arms to people from the United States and around the world, not the least of which are other European Union countries, because integrating its culture, and ultimately its economy, only makes good sense for Spain in the long run. So not only are you welcome as a young foreigner by the fun-filled youth who will embrace you warmly and immediately as an “amigo” or “amiga”, but the official government of Spain has a strong interest in your wellbeing, and your thorough acquisition of the Spanish language. The state offers lodging and schooling, and they make it fun. This isn’t low-income stuff, this is top quality Spanish instruction at dirt cheap prices. So take advantage while the offer’s still on the table!

Types of Spanish degrees offered in Madrid
D.E.L.E. Spanish certification works on the internationally recognized letter-number system, dividing student competence in Spanish into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Beginner, intermediate and superior Spanish fluency levels. Tests can be taken in Madrid for a small fee, and Spanish immersion schools offer intensive D.E.L.E. test preparation courses which last anywhere from one weekend to 8 weeks, with week-long programs, two week programs, and four week D.E.L.E. examination preparation classes are offered for all levels. The importance of receiving D.E.L.E. certification can’t be understated if you want to study or work in an environment where fluency and command of the language are required.

Children’s Spanish classes in Madrid
If you are living in Spain and want your children to acquire proper instruction in Spanish in addition to the exposure they get by playing with other Spanish children at their daycare or elementary school, then we highly recommend you enroll in any of the accredited children’s Spanish immersion courses. Preschool programs, as well as weekend courses for all ages, toddlers, teens, kids, adolescent Spanish programs in Madrid are proven to be extremely effective: children who graduate have a 97% retention rate, meaning they grow up speaking Spanish fluently and they never lose it. This is because the method of teaching by the best children’s language academies in Madrid is highly advanced and internationally recognized.

Adult continuing education credit in Madrid
It actually is possible. You really can get college continuing education credit while studying in Madrid. Many accredited American universities have partner schools that do study abroad programs as well as independent learning Spanish degrees in Madrid, so that you, as an adult language learner, can travel abroad, enjoy the sights and sounds of one of the most exciting cities in Europe’s most exciting country, and actually earn credit toward a diploma in Spanish! This works not only for Spanish DELE certification recognized throughout the world, but you can also use your Spanish class credits earned in Madrid in order to work toward a degree in an American or European university. The choice is yours. Whatever you do, however, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best quality language instruction – and the most entertaining form of Spanish immersion – when you enroll in a Spanish course and study the language while living in Madrid.

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