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Spanish Teaching Certificate
Most colleges and universities that offer bachelor's degrees in foreign languages or degrees in education, or both, will provide specialized programs for students seeking Spanish teaching certification. Keep in mind that when going this route, you will be required to complete all the coursework for the Spanish degree, or the education degree, in addition to the coursework that qualifies you for a Spanish teaching certificate. In most cases, this is the best way to go, considering that the majority of well paying language teaching jobs require that, at a minimum, the applicant have a Bachelor's degree in education with an emphasis in the foreign language at hand.

That said, many state high schools do accept teachers who simply went and got their Spanish teaching certificate online, and there are programs that cater to applicants who wish to jumpstart their careers as educators. Many districts have official government Web sites where you can find a Spanish teaching license application online. Having this type of Spanish teaching certification not only ensures that you will be a capable language instructor in the classroom, but is often the first step for teachers who go on to get their Master's and doctorates in language pedagogy in order to become fully credentialed in Spanish instruction.

These teachers eventually see a significant pay increase as they become more of an asset not only to teaching children, young adults and college students Spanish, but they also teach other language teachers how to best teach the language. As we’ve said before on this site, there is a right way and a wrong way to teach a language. We’re encouraged that the students who come out of the programs that we feature here on this page have an incredibly high rate of success, and go on to instruct at some of the leading language learning centers in the country, where their students are in turn speaking and listening fluently, as well as reading and writing at advanced university levels.

Spanish teaching certificate courses
There are two fundamental skills that a program in foreign language instruction will focus on. The first is the knowledge of the language itself, and the second skill is being able to communicate that knowledge so that your students experience an environment and lesson plan structure that is optimal for language acquisition. While there are many competing theories as to the best method of Spanish instruction, nobody will dispute that it is a science, not just a craft, and one that is constantly being challenged, questioned, reshaped and improved upon year by year. This makes teaching Spanish an exciting job that is always challenging you to see problems in a new light. Passion for language, open-mindedness and love of diversity are characteristics that you and your classmates will all share.

Learning how to become an effective Spanish teacher is a very straightforward process. It’s no cakewalk, but with accredited university programs offering degrees and Spanish teaching certification, you are in good hands. Not only do lectures outline the basic knowledge, but seminars and workshops provide an intimate setting where you can interact with your instructor, other students and the TA’s. Or you can become a certified Spanish teacher online and enjoy the rich benefits of distance learning. In addition most Spanish teaching certificate programs require a set number of hours of real live experience in the classroom, where you shadow a certified Spanish instructor and get hands-on experience teaching Spanish to real students. Not only does this type of valuable on-the-job experience help to bolster your confidence, but it immediately sets you up as a colleague to certified teachers, not just a student being told how it is and what to do.

MAT Spanish
Beyond the teaching Spanish certificate, the Master's of Arts in Teaching a Foreign language is awarded to graduate students of Spanish pedagogy who complete the required courses, seminars and workshops which typically include Theories of Thinking and Learning, Methods and Techniques for Teaching Spanish, Spanish Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, Multicultural Children Workshops, Latino Literature and more. Students can be prospective teachers, or can also be teachers currently teaching, who wish to bolster their credentials, capabilities and earn more money by adding the Spanish MAT to the CV. This is often a much better alternative to the course of study some elect, which is to get a 2nd bachelor degree in Spanish to obtain teaching certificate online. In the long run it saves time and money to go for the MAT, and you'll be much better educated when all is said and done. The graduate degree endows you with more skills and higher prestige and makes it easier to get a higher paying job, faster.

Cost of Spanish teaching certificate programs
Online schools offer highly affordable degree programs for students who want certificates to become a Spanish teacher. Local community colleges that provide the teacher training programs cost a fixed amount per unit, where a typical course could have 3-5 units, for example. City college and adult continuing education programs are generally thought to provide the most cost effective language instructor certification degrees, and that’s what we thought at first as well. But we did some research and actually determined that the price of online Spanish teaching certification programs can vary widely, and this fluctuation in price has very little to do with quality.

Accredited online Spanish teaching certificate programs can sometimes cost even less than brick-and-mortar classroom based courses at your neighborhood school. Teaching Spanish as a second language certification can be obtained more easily and cheaply over the Web than by commuting to a classroom. Of course, many online programs are simply in it for the money. We have eliminated those from our list. You should begin with our list of schools below because we list only the most affordable Spanish teaching degree programs online and offline.

Here is a list of cheap Spanish teaching certificate programs and online universities for teaching Spanish.

Spanish teaching degree
If you're interested in a virtual pedagogy certification class or even Master's programs for Spanish professors, then look for online Spanish teaching programs among the listings offered here, which include teaching Spanish certificate options. Browse this list of cheap online teaching credential programs, click on them and request more information and find out how to become a credentialed Spanish teacher in any state:
Foreign Language Teaching certification University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Spanish teacher training courses International House Barcelona
Spanish teaching certificate program University of Colorado at Boulder
Adolescent Spanish teaching certificate: online application City University of New York. This Web site shows you how to get a New York State certification in teaching Spanish language classes to students.
MAT Spanish Learn how to teach Spanish as second language in South Carolina here at this school and earn the Master of Arts in Teaching Foreign Language offered at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. This quality school offers the program of choice for South Carolina Spanish teaching certification students.
Spanish MAT FAQ provided by the Rutgers World Language Institute, State University of New Jersey at New Brunswick, NJ. They offer MAT Spanish online in a course entitled Methods of Foreign Language Teaching, K-12 starting Fall 2011 for three credits toward a teaching degree: Spanish online courses are a way to work toward your license and obtain online Spanish teacher certification.
MAT in Spanish Salem State University, MA. Check out their Masters teaching license Spanish program.
Spanish pedagogy course and Major/Minor, Graduate/Undergraduate class number and credit details and listings from the State University of New York at Old Westbury, NY 11568. This school fulfills the requirements to get a Spanish foreign language K12 certification in NY. Find out how to enroll here.
Spanish for teachers online offered by the Miami Dade College School of Continuing Education & Professional Development at Miami, Florida 33132.
Teaching Spanish as a second language degree Nova Southeastern University's Fischler School of Education and Human services offers a Master of Science in Spanish Language Education. This degree prepares teachers for teaching Spanish as a foreign language from K-12 including teaching Advanced Placement Spanish courses.

This list is also a great starting point for researching Spanish vacant teaching positions for university language professors, so you can find out where to apply to teach Spanish in New Jersey universities and colleges throughout America.

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