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K12 Spanish Distance Learning Programs
Here is where we show you how to find legitimate K12 online Spanish courses for any level before college or university. The laws in each state are still being defined, but programs are mushrooming across the nation, virtual via charter schools and real school districts. This presents both opportunities and challenges. Children can now study Spanish independently on the Internet and receive top quality instruction. On the other hand, the government is still figuring out who can be called legitimate, and who's just in it for the money (at your children's expense).

In order to make sure you get onto the right track, Spanish Professor has done the research. We've found a list of approved, legitimate online accredited K12 Spanish courses. Read on to find out what you need to know:

High school Spanish classes online

The increased number of courses provides better selection, and the facility of learning over the Internet makes it more likely that high school students will pass Spanish to get their diploma requirements, and/or study AP Spanish to pass the test and save thousands in tuition money later on. Online language learning for high school is getting big, we show you how to put it to the best use, including which programs provide the best quality instruction when focusing on a students improvement in the field of learning to read and write Spanish via lessons online for high schoolers. Read more...

Spanish lessons for middle school students over the Internet
When it comes to learning a new language, you can never start too young. Middle school is a crucial time for the child's brain to pick up Spanish. Unfortunately, language learning programs are not as developed for 6th, 7th, 8th and sometimes 9th graders and junior high schools as they are in secondary school programs. The good news is that online middle school Spanish is becoming increasingly popular, which means that parents and children like have many options if you are serious about getting a start on Spanish and possibly even bypassing first year high school Spanish. Read more...

Elementary school Spanish classes for K-6 kids
Learning Spanish over the Internet doesn't have to be exclusively the domain of adults. In fact, younger children have shown to be consistently more adaptable to distance learning programs, which means that online Spanish classes for young children are probably one of the most effective ways to teach them Spanish, and lock in this valuable knowledge for a lifetime. Read more...

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