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If you want to learn Spanish at your own pace through a correspondence course, then you've come to the right place. Here we show you how to enroll in classes at accredited universities as well as private academies that offer inexpensive Spanish correspondence courses. You can learn the language, get college or continuing ed (CEU) credit, and save money by reading our tips on the best approach to signing up and beginning to take a Spanish course at any of the best schools, from anywhere in the world. Not only do we show you how to matriculate, but we give you valuable tips on how to get the best price on these accredited Spanish language correspondence courses.

Independent Spanish courses
The genius of this type of academically recognized independent study Spanish language acquisition learning is that you are able to pick up the words, grammar, speaking and listening ability at your own pace. Sure, with Spanish as a correspondence course there is a professor and there are other students taking the same class as you, but your peers are also going at their own paces, learning Spanish remotely through the accredited university that they, like you, have enrolled in. The best independent learning Spanish blends virtual student-teacher interaction with plenty of independence and room for self-study, because self-paced Spanish correspondence courses cater to the student who is self-motivated, but who also has a busy schedule. If you need to set your own hours of study, at the time of day that best suits your daily routine, then this type of independent study Spanish course is ideal for you.

Most Spanish correspondence colleges offer degrees at all levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. Each course will require that you buy a textbook that will be available on the Internet, through the school Web site. Surprisingly, in this day and age many schools still have technical glitches which make this process not exactly convenient. We've made sure to filter those out, and we only list the correspondence colleges that make remote learning easy and fun. The Spanish correspondence schools featured on this page make it a breeze to buy their textbook on the Web, and follow along the simple-to-understand lesson plans, and easily complete the homework assignments from the comfort of your own home. Or office. Or Internet café: wherever you want to learn, these independent study Spanish correspondence courses make it easy to learn Spanish at your own pace.

Spanish correspondence degree
The certification and college credit that you receive from any of the remote Spanish classes listed below is fully transferable, and unequivocally recognized by regional and international DELE accreditation standards. Remote learning is in no way "less" valid than learning that takes place in the classroom. Ultimately it's up for you as a student to decide which way of learning will be most effective for you, personally. But as far as a Spanish correspondence degree is concerned, it makes absolutely no difference whether you study from afar or commute every day to the classroom. College credit is college credit. Period. No ifs, ands or buts.

Cost of Spanish correspondence courses
If you want to get a Spanish degree by correspondance, it is important that you understand the market, and don't pay too much when in fact the low price of correspondence classes in Spanish is one of their major advantages. In addition to the textbook and tuition fee students are often required to purchase additional materials such as DVDs or VHS cassettes to supplement the lesson plans. These are usually required, as you will be tested on the material. Also, naturally, you will be expected to have basic computer system functionality and accessories, such as headphones and/or computer speakers, and plug-ins, such as Java applets, etc. A high speed Internet connection and up-to-date hardware and browser software are also essential to being able to participate. Depending on where you're at technically, this could affect the initial set-up cost of enrolling in a Spanish correspondence course. But even taking all these extras into account, plus the price of tuition for the remote Spanish class, the overall amount that you will have to pay to study at a Spanish correspondence college is actually incredibly economical, compared to the costs of commuting and signing up for a brick and mortar university, which usually tacks on extra fees such as health insurance and gym enrollment: fees which after all have nothing to do with learning Spanish, really. Make sure you don't have to shell out unnecessary dollars an instead focus on paying only the Spanish degree by correspondence tuition price.

In addition, it's important to note that we've chosen to list Spanish correspondence colleges here that are extremely low cost. We've done our research, in order to help you find the best deal on independent study Spanish classes. Browse our list, with the full confidence that you are selecting the lowest cost, highest quality program. Do colleges recognize independent study? Absolutely. So look no further than here for a list of the best:

Correspondence language classes
Here is a list of independent Spanish courses to help you start your search. Note that we have researched these institutions extensively and have taken pains to feature only the top-rated, affordable accredited college Spanish correspondence courses:

Spanish lessons by correspondence
High School Spanish Correspondence Georgia's James Madison High School, Norcross, GA
Beginner's Spanish correspondence courses CENGAGE Education, Australia
Correspondence classes in Spanish through Texas Rio Grande Bible Institute, Edinburg, TX. This college Spanish independent study program is affordable especially with financial aid. Remember that grants and scholarships can be applied to correspondence courses just like traditional sit-down classes.

To enroll in easy Spanish courses that are transferrable, this is the list you want. Plus you can find more Spanish courses online.

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