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Credentialed educators know that young people learn languages differently. When teaching languages the approach must be specially tailored to each age level, depending on whether the child is in nursery, daycare, preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, junior high or high school. With children, Spanish must be taught in a way that the child's brain, at its particular stage of development, is most responsive and receptive to language acquisition. How to speak Spanish for kids is a complex science.

In controlled studies, researchers have used advanced MRI technology to compare children of different ages learning a second language. One of the more interesting results they found is that the brain of a five-year-old will light up in completely different areas from the brain of a twelve year old, when presented with the exact same lesson. This just proves what educators have already known for at least a decade: Spanish for children should involve much more than just a few nursery rhymes and coloring books thrown at a group of K-8 kids. If you, as parents, want your young ones to grow up being able to speak the language competently, and without forgetting huge chunks of it by the time they’re 15 years old, then it is important to ensure that your learning Spanish kids find the right program of instruction that is appropriate to their age level, and moves along at the pace that is best suited to them. It's never too early: you can enroll your toddlers into Spanish immersion preschool, and you can find learn spanish for kids 8 years + resources on this page. You can also find the best Spanish technology for middle schoolers here and inform yourself further about the best software for learning Spanish taught in high schools, and how you can apply that to home use.

Your child is special, and deserves the best quality education possible, as early as possible. But the answer to the question, "What are the best resources for children to learn Spanish" really depends on how your little one learns: not only does the age and language level matter, but your child has a unique way of learning that must be determined before you move forward with a Spanish program for your kids. Not all children were created with the same style of learning, so as a parent it is important to determine which method of Spanish learning kids in your family respond best to. For example, audio Spanish lessons on CD for children can make inroads with aural learners, while DVD Spanish lessons for kids appeal to audiovisual learners. Below we've included a list of best Spanish language books for kids because reading paperback and print materials is, for many young ones especially girls, still an incredibly effective method: we feature the best Spanish immersion children's books on this page. But we also believe that allowing access to the Internet enables you to provide your child with any number of quality instructional learning Spanish websites for kids, many of them sponsored by leading universities whose education and language departments have collaborated to create cutting edge software in Spanish for kids. If your child has an iPhone or other smartphone, or plays video games, you can buy hands-on and aural Spanish games for kids that enhance language learning while reinforcing a positive feedback loop in your child’s brains: learning becomes its own reward. This page is where you can find the best computer games to teach your 5 year old Spanish, in addition to other age groups too. More traditional ways of learning include How to Speak Spanish worksheets for kids, as well as Spanish songs and activities appropriate for kids.

Make your child fluent in Spanish
Researchers have also shown that learning in a group setting is highly beneficial to the language acquisition process among children. Public and private accredited Spanish classes for kids are geared toward young learners at all levels, from preschool programs offering Spanish for toddlers to Spanish summer camp for kids. High school level advanced placement tutorial groups supplement curricular classes and help to boost scores on the AP and SAT Spanish tests for college admissions and college credit. Investing in Spanish for children could literally save thousands of dollars in college tuition down the road, which essentially answers the question how is learning Spanish important for advanced placement in college. A few grand important, that's how.

Once out of college, a child will inevitably use this language in a very real way in his or her daily adult life. Your child won’t have to grow up to work for the UN for Spanish to be valuable. A recent study by a leading wage research institute determined that, on average, being able to speak Spanish increased the entry level salary for new employees in the workforce by up to $5,000. The study also concluded that as an employ able to speak Spanish climbed up into seniority, the increase in salary grew by as much as $10,000. So, while it may seem a long way away, the bottom line is that Spanish for children pays.

As a parent you may be asking, what kind of jobs is Spanish valuable for? The truth is that it is a changing world. As Hispanics are set to become a majority of the population of the United States, virtually every important profession today places value on having at least one Spanish-speaking person on their staff. Not just a native speaker, but a qualified, educated individual who can also speak Spanish. Health care, law, politics, technology, finance and the arts: you name it. In this increasingly globalized economy speaking Spanish with domestic colleagues as well as international contractors from Spain and the Americas is going to be a daily reality. Spanish for kids today is almost like learning how to read: it just has to be done.

But aside from the obvious financial benefits, the Spanish language for children will make them better people who are more understanding of their neighbors, and who will grow up having a deep-seated interest in other cultures. Spanish for children take good parenting to a whole new level.

Spanish learning programs for kids
Here we are going to show you how to find classes in Spanish for elementary school students, books and resources, websites for preschoolers learning Spanish, nursery rhymes, coloring books, theatre works and plays in Spanish for children. Unknown to most parents is the fac that there is a huge variety of games in Spanish and receptive language activities for toddlers that work. You can find them here on this indispensible list of resources for helping your child excel, because we have listed the best programs to learn spanish, children of all ages can enjoy and benefit from, and finish the series of instructional sessions still wanting to learn more. It can happen. Kids really can get excited about picking up a new language, but you have to introduce them to the RIGHT programs, lest you risk boring them and turning them off language for the rest of their lives:

Buy discount education software for children learning Spanish:
If you're looking for the best Spanish immersion video kids will enjoy and actually learn from, it's important to read kids language DVD consumer reviews, and always check for children's learning Spanish DVD & CD-ROM clearance prices to find the best deals on the top software for Spanish learning, Jr. High level, high school, elementary, grade school, kindergarten, preschool, toddler immersion—you name it. The goal is to find the best products at the lowest prices, because while we understand that you'd be loathe to spare any expense when it comes to your child's education, there is usually also a limited family budget to consider. The good news is that the best pre-school Spanish software is oftentimes the cheapest, and the best children's language software is always along the more affordable end of the shelf. We would even recommend you look into old computer software with learn spanish for kids programs. That may sound cheap, but it's often just as good as many programs offered today, just as engaging, but way more affordable. Low-priced Spanish immersion software for kids ranging from Blu-ray to CD-ROM has revolutionized the way your child can acquire Spanish at an accelerated pace and advance above her peers.

Here we feature a couple excellent resources to start with, including beginning software for Spanish kids, advanced and intermediate as well. Also, Spanish software for elementary students. In terms of audiovisual software products, these are among the best DVDs to learn spanish for kids. We consider this some of the best spanish learning software for children. But while we highly recommend these because we've seen kids benefit directly, we also recommend you do your own research to tailor the product you buy to your child's specific level and language learning needs:

Learn to speak Spanish for kids DVD
The importance of engaging young language learners in a holistic, audiovisual experience cannot be overstated. The best childrens language DVD engages kids in the natural way that a language is learned. Video technology has been around for ages, but educators have only recently begun unlocking the full instructional potential of this medium and finding the best kids learning Spanish DVD programs that really immerse the young learner in the language in a fun and entertaining way, especially when it comes to Spanish educational language DVDs for kids 5 years and up, plus the burgeoning research suggesting that even younger children including toddlers can benefit from some level of visual lessons. Kids learning to speak Spanish with digital video discs is one of the most important gifts that technology has brought us. Now we show you how to find the best that this medium has to offer:
Learn Spanish for Kids
This DVD uses advanced multimedia technology for teaching Spanish to children.
Read our review of a children's Spanish language immersion DVD
Spanish for Kids: Learn Spanish Beginner Level 1 What age group is this book best for? One reviewer gives it five stars as a learn Spanish DVD for kids 6-8 years old.

Best learning Spanish CD for kids
Through music and lyrics, young and very young students of this foreign language can acquire the words and the sounds of the words much more quickly. This is a scientifically recognized teaching tool, and we list the good spanish learning albums for kids that really make a difference in the way your child will learn Spanish. From toddler's sing-along packages to books for 8 year olds learning spanish, here is a select list of the best titles:
Teach Your Baby Spanish (Spanish Edition)
We'd recommend this over even the best language learning DVD for toddlers. Sound is essential in acquiring a FFL (First Foreign Language) which is what a bilingual child develops, if the learning takes place before puberty. This toddler level learn spanish CD infuses age appropriage sentence structure with catchy tunes that facilitate rapid linguistic development for the foreign language.
Browse a list of top-rated children's compact discs here
Children's books Spanish CD supplements are often good enough to use independently as an audio lesson. Kids learning Spanish on CD is a great activity to keep them busy and make your life as a parent easier.

Cheap Spanish education books for kids
The rising price of course materials is also affecting the cost of Spanish lesson books for very young children. There is nothing that irritates us more than publishers of Spanish immersion kid books gauging the market for profit, at the expense of kids whose parents' limited household budget might priced them out of the language learning game. We show you how to stop them from limiting your access to cheap Spanish books for kids. We open up the pathways to learning by providing you with knowledge on where to find the best Spanish course book for children at clearance prices. This is because, fortunately, the Internet provides an antidote to the disturbing trend of price gauging on Spanish workbooks for kids. That is, if you know how to use it. We do, and we've done our research to bring you this list of bargain-basement, top rated entry level elementary Spanish workbooks. The trick is simple: plug any of the titles in the list on this page into a search engine and compare prices. Shop around. Switch browsers to outsmart the dynamic pricers, who want to up the price based on who you are. That's how you avoid them. Now you have the shopping tools to find the best Spanish workbooks for kids:
My First Bilingual Little Readers: Level A: 25 Reproducible Mini-Books in English and Spanish That Give Kids a Great Start in Reading (Teaching Resources)
-Hooked on Spanish Box Set, Ages 4-6

Plays in Spanish for children
Uncle Tiger's Supper and Other Plays for Children (Spanish Edition)
ˇAplauso! (Hispanic Children's Theatre)

Teach Spanish for kids nursery rhyme books & CDs
If you are looking to fill up the hours with a fun Spanish activity for toddlers to do, these helpful exercises will jumpstart your search:
The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories, and Fingerplays: Over 450 Spanish/English Selections Pio Peep! Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes
-CD and book formats available.
Buenas noches, Luna (Goodnight Moon in Spanish)

Best Spanish learning iPhone apps for kids
We list nine of our favorite applications here, which we've put together not only from our own experience seeing our children interact with these games and lessons for mobile devices, but what kids and parents everywhere have reviewed and promoted as the best rated Spanish app for kids:
- Rosita's Jump Count
- Maria's Spanish Class
- Firstwords: Spanish
- Peekaboo Barn
- MyWords Learn Spanish Vocabulary
- Kids Spanish
- Feed Me! (Spanish) Pencilbot Preschool
- Wheels on the Bus
- Spanish 101

Middle school learn Spanish
Here are resources including books for children, youth and adolescents anywhere from 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade middle school levels who want to learn Spanish. Teachers can include these in the course plans or students can use them to supplement their class lessons or learn Spanish on their own. We've found the most fun and engaging lesson materials at the lowest prices:
-Spanish: Middle / High School (The 100+ Series)
-Middle School / High School Skills for Success)

More resources
Spanish for Toddlers Montessori Spanish Immersion
Spanish for Kids Spartan Youth Program, Michigan State University
Teaching Spanish to Children Connect Ed, Walden University
Children's Spanish Immersion Camp University of Washington
Bilingual Spanish Children's Books Weber County Library
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Spanish immersion for children Liberty Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky 40509
Spanish lessons for toddlers NPR report on teaching aides that parents use, plus the latest leading research showing that kids who learn a second language early on have overall better academic performance than children who speak only English. Yet more evidence of the benefits of Spanish for toddlers and proof that it is crucial to your child's development, not to mention that for most Americans in our increasingly integrated economy, kids' best language to learn is Spanish. Among the superior Spanish for toddlers resources, you can find online Spanish games for toddlers by searching the Internet, as well as learning languages websites for kids of all ages.

Good Spanish learning sites for kids
Here is a list of Web pages where kids can interact and learn Spanish online while having fun:
Kids Learn Spanish Appleton Area School District
Spanish games online Abroad Languages

Check out other Spanish resources for children including summer school for kids learning to speak Spanish plus online high school Spanish as well as middle school Spanish courses online and elementary school distance learning Spanish immersion programs.

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