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Scholarships for Spanish Classes
Here is where we are going to show you how you can actually afford to take quality Spanish language class, or series of classes for free, or partially subsidized with other people's money. This is no joke. Generous people want to see you succeed, and they want you to speak Spanish well. Philanthropists are offering you scholarships for Spanish language courses because they love the Spanish language, and they appreciate that you love Spanish too, and, simply put, they consider that to be a good enough reason to write you a check—because they want to more people in the world speaking Spanish. It’s as simple as that. The problem is knowing where to look for these funds. We know where the hidden scholarships for taking Spanish are, and we are going to show you how to find them.

Learn Spanish scholarship
We’ve been poking around the Internet and it’s astonishing how much available and easy-to-access grant money is out there in the form of scholarships for learning Spanish for students who simply want to take a little bit of time leaving no stone unturned, compiling a list of these scholarships, and applying to all of them. It's really worth it. These Spanish language course scholarships not only give you the serious money you often need to meet your full tuition, but they give the freedom you need to choose where you want to study. And how you want to study. Take for instance the Spanish immersion scholarships that we show you how to get. That's a type of learning far different from, say, a full university career focusing on the language, but in our book it's just as legitimate. We show you how to get the money for the type of learning that you really need. To find a scholarship for persons who want to study spanish is not only easy, but it won't hold you down.

How to apply for scholarships for Spanish language courses
A couple important things to look for right away are who is eligible, what type of programs the money can go toward, and which schools. Most leave this last part pretty open, limiting it to only accredited universities and language academies which is fine by us, we would only recommend accredited schools, scholarship or not. (In addition, it's also important to look within the school itself for funded languages courses). Do note that some funds are more specific, like the coveted Spanish immersion grants. It’s also important to note the Spanish language scholarship deadline regardless of what type of degree you are looking for or if you're seeking Spanish immersion scholarships. Look on the form and find where the day the application is due is printed. This is a very important date, don’t overlook it, because you don’t want to waste time filling out an application for money that was already given away last week. The rest of the process is pretty-self explanatory, and after a couple you’ll get the hang of it. Here’s an important tip for scholarships that require a personal statement that will save you hours, if not days. The trick is this: have a pre-written template ready. Don’t re-invent the wheel for every new scholarship. Time is money. So when asked for a written statement, just pull up your template, make a few modifications to your template to reflect the specifics of the scholarship at hand, make sure it fits within their specified word count, then you’re done.

How to get a Spanish scholarship
Click on the site to fill out all your other required information (name, address, perhaps a short Spanish quiz, etc) finish fill out the application, hit “send” and then move on to the next application. And here’s where the real trick comes in. This separates the scholarship winners from the scholarship losers. Once you finish one application, don’t get up. Stay right there and fill out another one. And another one. Already you’re in the top 5% of Spanish class scholarship applicants. You’re among those precious few who actually have patience, and know that patience along is the secret ingredient to actually getting free money to study Spanish. Because all it takes is a couple hours in front of the computer and you can send out anywhere from 25-35 applications. That’s usually all it takes to win at least one, maybe two or three scholarships. It’s incredible how many students don’t realize this. They apply for just a single scholarship that they set their heart on, and give up on all the rest. That’s just not the way to do it. You have to use the shotgun approach. Cast a wide net. Whatever metaphor you want to go with, just put in the elbow grease and crank out a few dozen applications. If we’re making it sound too easy, that’s because it is. It really is too easy. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a tragedy that so few students are too lazy to take advantage of this secret. The truth is, it’s really good news for you. The fact that these little known Spanish language course scholarships are so hard to find is actually the best thing that could happen to you. Because with so few students discovering these hidden un-applied-for scholarships, the easier it is for you to scoop them up. There’s a very good chance, in fact, that you’ll find a scholarship for which you are the sole applicant. That’s right, you could be the only one applying for the scholarship. As crazy as it sounds, there are some Spanish course scholarships out there that are so little known that literally nobody applies for them. They just sit around on the table, year after year, collecting dust, or interest or whatever. When a clever student like you comes along, the process of applying essentially goes something like this: You ask for the money and they give it to you.

How can this be? Because some well-intentioned people who aren’t famous celebrities, who aren’t billionaires, who aren’t local businesses building up their brand in the community (which is also another great source of Spanish class scholarships, don’t get us wrong) but people who do have a little more money than they need to live on, and who wish to set aside a small amount for students to take advantage of, they put up, say, a thousand or so dollars for an eligible, smart, motivated language learner, sometimes in the form of a Spanish immersion grant, and then they wait to see what happens, feeling that they’ve done a good deed and their work is over. They’re not particularly interested in spending even more money to advertise the fact that free money is sitting around out there. Naturally they assume people would just find it. Wouldn’t you?

Scholarships to learn languages
So we’re going to tell you how to find special free Web sites and lists that list thousands of legitimate scholarships but don’t really serve as marketing engines. You can find them by searching sites that are usually just created by internet hobbyists, university professors, librarians and the like who collect this information as a community service. Like the philanthropists themselves who put the money up for grabs, these folks don’t go to great lengths to market their sites, they just assume that people will find them. Now you know how to find them. We’d bet you can find the best Spanish immersion program scholarship for your needs, by browsing these staggeringly comprehensive lists.

Who are the people who donate money to worth students of Spanish, even if the student isn’t going to a four-year university and just needs an intensive Spanish course scholarship? These aren't limited to just random generous people who give money to adults for school but more often than not these are people and businesses and foundations that generally want people to get along and they want everybody to prosper through intercultural understanding and deep understanding inside and out of the workplace, which is why they promote their Spanish language learning scholarships and they offer Spanish immersion grants to people about to embark on a humanitarian mission in a Spanish speaking country through an NGO or other such organization. These people and institutions are offering Spanish immersion scholarships high school students can apply for as a supplementary booster course. They’re also offering tons of intensive Spanish course scholarship money to adults and children of all ages. Any kind of Spanish class. All they need from you is to see that you are motivated enough to follow through and learn Spanish once they send you the check for the tuition. Don’t worry, the application process is extremely easy. Just fill out a form, perhaps write a short personal statement (easier than you think, and you can find numerous examples of winning Spanish scholarship applications on the Internet) send it in and presto, you’re ready for education cash.

Scholarships for Spanish classes
The fact that you can get scholarships specifically tailored to learning Spanish is one of the best kept secrets out there. Year after year we see students taking college Spanish courses and paying full price, unwaware that Spanish language course scholarships are readily available if you only apply. Whether you’re just taking a Spanish class or doing a full academic course load, it doesn’t matter: there is a scholarship out there with your name on it.

Grants for Spanish language study
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