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Language experts and students agree that studying Spanish in a Spanish speaking country is the fastest way to learn to speak sentences and gain basic conversational ability. It is a great first step to becoming fluent in Spanish. Oftentimes people who travel or live briefly in a hispanic country seem to pick up Spanish with amazing speed, even without studying. Yet while those who are self-taught can often communicate basic concepts and ideas to the locals, their grammar usually suffers, and their conversational syntax often resembles that of Tarzan.

Studying intensive Spanish courses in a language school is a great way to quickly bring you up to speed with the basics of grammar, while giving you plenty of exposure to locals with whom you can practice your language skills. Many students report learning up to ten new vocabulary words a day.

Study Spanish cheap abroad
These international programs don't come without a price, and so therefore we would like to let you know that you can actually study at language schools in spanish speaking countries, without it having to cost you an arm and a leg. Indeed, if you just go by the listed price for some of these institutions, the costs can be astronomical. But look again. First of all, there is plenty of selection. Without compromising quality, you can get a great deal on language classes at a certified school in a hispanic nation, without having to pay full price. Scroll down below, where we also have you entertain the option of looking into a scholarship for your study abroad program, if you are going through your university. There are many scholarships out there, making tuition cheap or free for language courses in Spanish speaking countries, you just have to know how to find them.

Price considerations aside for the moment, here is some more info on what taking classes in a foreign country is like: Spanish language schools are usually placed in big cities or in University towns, where it will be easy for language learners to find young, friendly locals to go out with and talk to. Most hispanic countries are famous for being incredibly hospitible, and foreigners feel very welcome. Indeed, it is an open secret that people often go abroad to study Spanish with ulterior motives. Whether it's the great surf in Costa Rica, the Andean ski resorts near Santiago, Chile, the Parisian boulevards and delicious steakhouses in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the all-night parties and sunny beaches in Spain, or the historic splendor of Mexico, students often learn a lot more than just the Spanish language while studying abroad.

Browse this list of Study Abroad programs in Spanish speaking countries that offer language courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels of instruction:

Costa Rica





Listing Spanish schools by country, we hope to be a convenient resource for you to find the school that you want to go to, in the country that you want to be in. Use this as a starting point in your search for the best study abroad program for your Spanish language learning needs. Of course, simply listing language schools in spanish-speaking countries might not be enough for you.

We understand that you want to know where you can find the lowest prices on tuition to study abroad at an international language institute in a Spanish speaking country. Well, finding the cheapest discounts and lowest prices on language institutes abroad is what we're all about. After all, we're here to make Spanish learning easy. But every year tuition changes, so here is our advice: don't just throw down a few thousand dollars on the first international Spanish program that pops up on your screen. We show you the best deals on international Spanish programs, because we list all of the programs.

We also would like to let you know that oftentimes Spanish programs in foreign countries don't fill up. They may fill up a third, or half, or two thirds of the students, but leave many vacancies. Now, like the smart businesses they are, these schools are not going to just advertise that they are offering programs at bargain basement prices. They want to make it seem like everybody and his perrito is signing up for their Spanish course and they are the best course in the world. Well, we won't make any judgements about the quality because there's nothing - apart from the consumer reviews that you should research - that would tell that they are anything but stellar. But as with any business, these classes just don't fill up all the time.

So now is the time to strike. Get in on clearance prices for language classes in Spanish speaking countries. They don't call it "bargain-basement" price for nothing. You have to haggle and bargain with the people who are running the program. Pick up the phone - it doesn't matter that you don't speak Spanish yet, as an international language academy they should have somebody on hand to speak with you - and tell them you are interested in their program, but that the listed price is too much. Be persistent, and if the final days of enrollment are coming up, and there are plenty of empty seats in the classroom, then you might be able to strike a deal on language classes in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica or whichever hispanic country you would like to take Spanish classes in, for the lowest price possible.

Many language schools in Spanish speaking countries are actually organized through established universities in the United States and Europe, and so when you pay the fees for these language programs you typically pay them directly to the University you are attending, or temporarily attending for the purpose of the study abroad language classes. Well, as is common with practically all major, legitimate and established universities, it is quite possible to get a scholarship directly through your school's endowment, or through the myriad funds available to students, who meet the funds' specific requirements. Even if you think you wouldn't qualify for a scholarship, you probably do. So before just slapping down the bucks, do a little bit of research and you'll most likely discover some incredible savings and discount prices on the language classes that you want to take in a Spanish speaking country.

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