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Spanish Education Resources
Here is a helpful list of learning resources for students of Spanish, whether you are learning Spanish on the Internet, through a local community college or via a multimedium platform such as an audio learn Spanish CD, CD-ROM or DVDs.

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Spanish Dictionaries
There are a number of resources for looking up words in Spanish and English on the web. Here are a few online dictionaries for traditional Spanish as well as Spanish slang:

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This is an extremely helpful dictionary for translators and students alike.
Spanish Dictionary
Real Academia Espanola
El Mundo
Alternate Spanish Dictionary
Argentine Slang Dictionary
Street Slang Dictionary - Spanish
BBC Cool Spanish
Slang Terms

Distance Learning
Traditionally, Spanish has been taught in the classroom, in front of students who walk or drive to school, then sit in a classroom before a teacher with a white board and marker. The in-class setup has a lot to recommend it. The teacher can divide the class into various groups for live Spanish practice. The teacher can also present audiovisual materials, and students can prepare presentations and learn Spanish that way. Fortunately, with the advent of distance learning, students can do virtually all the same exercises - from the comfort of their own home! Here is a list of accredited universities offering online Spanish instruction:

North Carolina State University - accredited Spanish language instruction online.
National Louis University - offers basic, intermediate and advanced online Spanish instruction.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison - offers an Online Business Spanish Certificate Program, for learners at all levels.
Oklahoma State University - online courses high school level Spanish proficiency proficiency

Correspondence Courses
Spanish Correspondence Courses
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Self-paced Spanish Correspondence Classes
UNC Center for Continuing Education
Beginning Spanish Flexible Learnign / Correspondence Study
University of Florida

Spanish Culture
Ohio State University - Hispanic Culture
Yale University - Understanding Hispanic Culture through Children's Literature
University of Texas - Lanic - Hispanic Cultural Resources

Business Certificate Programs
Certificate in Workplace Spanish - provided by University of Maryland, University College.
Online Spanish Certificate Program - become a certified Spanish speaker.

Spanish Tutorial Resources
BBC Mundo - News in Spanish ideal for listening practice.
BBC Spanish - Suite of free Spanish learning tools, including listening exercises and self-testing.
UC Berkeley - Numerous audio files for Spanish language listening practice and learning.

International Schools:

Costa Rica
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
Language Studies International
Intensive Costa Rica Spanish Immersion Course IPEE: Instituto Para Estudiantes Extranjeros
Spanish Immersion School Costa Rica CPI: Centro Panamericano de Idiomas

Learn Spanish in Santiago, Chile Escuela Bellavista
Study Abroad in Chile University of California Education Abroad Program (EAP)

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