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Learn Spanish in New Mexico
You’ve come to the right place: this state ranks number one in the nation for its Spanish speaking population, clocking in at a whopping 44%. That means that nearly one out of every two people in New Mexico speaks Spanish. Taking lessons here is like studying in a Spanish speaking country. Except even better, because you are probably going to be closer to home, and you get to take advantage of familiar accreditation systems. Moreover you won’t have to deal with visas and expensive plane tickets to another hemisphere, because you won’t have to stray far to gain this impressive language skill and become that much more of a smart, capable individual, not to mention an asset to your future employer.

Just take a cheap flight in, or if you already live in New Mexico even better. We show you how to enroll in a Spanish immersion course in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, even Clovis, Hobbs and Roswell, NM. No matter where you live or want to visit, there is a cheap, accredited Spanish program waiting for you to sign up.

Children’s Spanish Classes in New Mexico
Don’t be lulled into thinking that simply because your child is friends with Spanish speaking children, he or she will grow up speaking perfect Spanish. Yes, your child’s brain is developing in a way that makes language acquisition very easy, but it takes more than recess time with playmates for Spanish to become ingrained as a measurable skill later in life. In New Mexico, growing up with Spanish speaking friends is practically an inevitability: we think it’s one of the major plus sides to raising kids here. But the truth can’t be avoided: children forget Spanish if they don’t learn it right, and keep up with it.

If you want the best for your kid, then you will not only let him or her be exposed to wonderful Spanish speaking friends, but you will also enroll your child in a Spanish immersion preschool, where teachers at the Master’s degree and PhD level instill the linguistic basics that will last a lifetime. I know what you’re thinking: how much does a children’s Spanish school in New Mexico cost? It’s surprisingly cheap. Taos, New Mexico, for example, has a whole program where they train Spanish teachers at the kindergarten through adolescent language learning levels, and many of these highly qualified students do their practicums in children’s Spanish schools in New Mexico: not just Taos, but cheap Spanish immersion schools in Las Cruces and Rio Rancho teach the language to children using the latest, most effective methods that they are learning at the doctoral levels.

In fact we are friends with a couple who lives in New Mexico, and they recently emailed us this review of a Spanish kindergarten for Children in Albuquerque, NM:

“We’ve had the good luck to sit in on a few of these classes and we are been incredibly impressed by how much our children enjoyed the teachers. But it’s not all fun and games. As Spanish teachers ourselves, we kept a close eye on the methodology the teachers were using and we were utterly impressed. Our children are already on their way to being proficient, fluent Spanish speakers.”

Cheap adult-level Spanish classes in New Mexico
Affordable night and evening Spanish immersion programs for adults are available throughout the state and community colleges, public and private universities as well as private accredited language academies offer Spanish immersion courses in New Mexico for adults seeking to gain continuing education credit (CEU) or work toward associate degrees in Spanish, bachelor’s degrees – even Spanish diplomas at the master’s and doctoral levels. Browse a list of schools online and begin your search, regardless of whether you are looking for a Spanish class in South Valley, NM, an intensive course in Farmington or Almagordo, you can uncover the discounts and enroll online or in person.

Outside of New Mexico you can find a USA Spanish immersion program in all 50 states!

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