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Puerto Rico Spanish Immersion
This tropical island paradise combines the best of both worlds. If you’re an enthusiastic student of the Spanish language, you will be able not only to immerse yourself in a population that is almost entirely Hispanic and Spanish speaking, which is a fundamental part of immersion and does wonders for your language acquisition but you also won’t have to leave the US! That means you get all the benefits of studying Spanish in a foreign, Spanish-speaking country, without the hassle of paperwork and visa requirements and even long distance phone calls.

While the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico isn’t a state (yet), it still enjoys the top notch educational infrastructure that makes extension schools in America—from adult continuing education programs to children’s language immersion programs—the best in the world. The Obama visit to Puerto Rico only further portends stronger cultural links, meaning even better transit connections and scholastic exchanges to make learning Spanish in Puerto Rico even easier, cheaper and more fun overall.

Puerto Rican immersion
Now the choice is which city you want to study in while taking Spanish lessons in Puerto Rico. Your experience can differ dramatically, whether you find a cheap student dorm and enroll in Spanish immersion in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the island’s bustling capital, or you choose to stay with a family for a few weeks or a few months in the quieter beachside resort towns dotting the pristine, white-sanded coastline. Both city and rural locations have their benefits, for instance due to a significantly larger student population it may be possible to find and hire a Spanish language tutor in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ultimately it is important for you to discover which are most conducive for you, personally, to both have a good time and acquire Spanish, effectively and correctly as possible with a language tutor for Spanish in Puerto Rico.

San Juan Spanish immersion programs also come with the benefit of a denser population where you will run into more people and have more social interactions that require regular use of the Spanish language. Countryside Spanish immersion programs will be venues in which you can foster friendships that involve longer conversations, enjoying lemonade while watching the sunset, and thereby practice deep, lengthy Spanish immersion. We encourage you to research language academies and Puerto Rico summer class openings in Ponce, PR, Aguadilla, Bayamón, Isabela, Aguas Buenas, and adult Spanish courses in Mayagüez, PR and Juana Diaz offering cheap Puerto Rico university and prívate Spanish language classes.

Children’s Spanish immersion Puerto Rico
There are many reasons for families to live or travel to Puerto Rico, work, leisure, sabbatical—we’ve seen them all. Just remember that this is a perfect opportunity for your children to learn Spanish. The opportunity of a lifetime. We show you children’s Spanish summer camps in Puerto Rico, as well as year-round Spanish schools for kids in Puerto Rico where children can immerse themselves in the language, get high school and college credit and become truly fluent and command the language in a way that they will never be able to do again once they grow older and the brain changes to be less absorbent of new languages.

Cheap Spanish language schools in Puerto Rico
Shifty academy owners will see dollar signs when someone from mainland USA comes to the island to learn Spanish, but we help you avoid those who would make you spend more than you need to and show you where the affordable classes are, and there are plenty of them. Due to the fact that Puerto Rico faces a challenging economic landscape, you benefit greatly by cheap Spanish classes. You save money while at the same time contributing to the local economy. Everybody wins. Here are a few of the best quality, affordable Spanish courses in Puerto Rico:

Summer Spanish immersion Puerto Rico Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Rio Piedras. San Juan, PR 00931. The Puerto Rico summer camps' Spanish language intensive training focus is excellent here.
Study Spanish in Puerto Rico Coastal Bend College rates and session information. This is where you can find the Puerto Rico Spanish immersion cheap prices on tuition we've been telling you about.

Still looking? Spanish immersion programs in America abound.

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