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About Spanish Professor
Spanish Professor is an educational Web site created to help people learn Spanish. A lot of people make language acquisition harder than it really is. Spanish Professor is here to make it easier. Everybody learns a new language in a different way, and we hope to make learning Spanish as easy as possible by guiding you to online language learning programs, or to where you can buy Spanish learning CDs. We also provide lessons for students of Spanish to learn how to speak the words, and understand the basic grammar of Spanish.

While nobody can learn Spanish overnight, it is possible to learn to speak Spanish very quickly. Basic phrases and vocabulary words can be picked up in a matter of weeks, and prepare you for travel or business that requires a basic knowledge of Spanish. Some people learning the language may be satisfied with this elementary knowledge, while others may see it more as a building block upon which to develop more advanced knowledge of the language. We explain the differences between Spanish learning CDs, distance education programs, and study abroad programs.

Making Spanish fun to learn
Again, while many people find that learning a language like Spanish is frustrating and difficult, we are convinced that learning Spanish is easy. And fun. The problem is that many people picked up misguided attitudes in high school and grade school. Teachers that didn't know how to teach the language, or who set goal posts way beyond their students' reach. Perhaps these methods of teaching worked for some students, but they didn't work for everybody. The great thing about Spanish Professor is that we guide you to the programs that are right for you. We offer various options from which you can decide, and we strongly encourage you to choose the program that is best suited to your needs.

Regardless of which program you use, a basic principle does apply: you must study a little bit every day. This, however, is not hard. No matter how bad you may think your memory is, you can learn a handful of words every day, and after a week of repeated the same phrases, they will stick. That is a fact that many Spanish programs back up with a guarantee, and that many students of Spanish through distance learning courses can attest to.

In addition to instructional Spanish CDs and DVDs that are backed up with a money-back guarantee, many vendors of useful Spanish language learning products actually offer FREE online lessons, so that students like you can try out the program before making a decision. After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Spanish language learn programs out there, so why would you be expected to pay up front without a free trial period, or a chance to try out a few Spanish lessons for free.

Start out your search for the right Spanish program - click here to take free online Spanish lessons. Or, if you are seeking a distance Spanish course then browse our listings of accredited university programs offering Spanish language education via the Internet, where you can study and participate in lessons from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to call the universities, ask about their cancellation policies (in case you decide it's not for you after the first couple weeks, and you want to get your money back), ask about how they run their courses, and what kind of Spanish certificate you will be able to earn by graduating from their program. We've provided the list - from online universites to Spanish instructional DVDs, your options for learning Spanish have never been clearer.

Making Spanish learning easy—that is what Spanish Professor is about.

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