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Argentina Spanish Language Schools
There are a number of Spanish language schools in Argentina where foreigners can learn conversational Spanish, along with the essentials of grammar. In addition, you will be exposed to a unique Spanish dialect which is noted for its clarity, although you will need to adapt to a few grammatical quirks.

Language acquisition experts are divided on the issue, but it is our belief that this will only make you a more agile speaker of Spanish, and prepare you for most any region of the Spanish speaking world, as most language institutes based in Buenos Aires or other Argentinean cities will teach you the difference between the local dialect, and the standard dialect. Lesson plans at these institutes usually include traditional rules of grammar and conjugation, in addition to lessons about how to speak and understand the Rioplatense dialect of the Buenos Aires region or the local dialect spoken in the region where your Spanish school is located.

Good Spanish instruction prepares new speakers of the language to be able to shift between dialects, but that is typically reserved for more advanced lesson plans. When looking for a school, be sure to ask the instructor or administrator how, exactly, the Spanish is taught. Then ask yourself if their particular style is the right one for you. It's okay to be selective, there are many Spanish schools to choose from in Argentina. Begin your search here, where several schools are listed to help you find the best program for your individual needs, whether you are a basic, intermediate or advanced learner of Spanish.

Cheap Tuition for Spanish Language Institutes in Argentina
If you think that you will be spending time in Argentina, and would like to learn the Spanish language by taking any of the innumerable language courses offered in the capital city of Buenos Aires and elsewhere throughout the country, then it is important that you put on your smart consumer hat, and scout out the best prices on Argentine Spanish language schools.

Many North Americans, Australians and Europeans who come to learn Spanish in Argentina are under the false impression that because of the collapse of the Argentinean economy nearly a decade ago, everything will be cheaper - including Spanish language courses. While in general the cost of living in Argentina is lower than, for example, Chile, it is not true that you will get an amazing price on Spanish lessons here, at least at first glance.

Indeed, in order to find the best deals on intensive Spanish programs, you have to scratch the surface a bit, and find out what the big ads aren't saying. Typical of developing economies, Argentine courses will advertise the highest prices possible to foreigners who come from stronger economies, due to the fact that these foreigners often will pay thousands of dollars, when the course may really only be worth a couple of hundred dollars. Nevertheless, these savvy business people understand that a certain percentage - oftentimes, a large percentage - of naive foreigners will bite. So why should they charge lower? Would you?

Don't be duped. While in Argentina it is not uncommon for everything to be marked up so that maximum profit can be squeezed out of every sale - be it shoe repair or Spanish language courses - it is also a reality that sales people are allowing for a certain amount of mark-down. Since the initial prices are exorbitant, and most Argentine consumers are well aware of this fact, then it comes as no surprise that some bargaining is going to take place, and the savvy consumer will be able to significantly lower the price of whatever is being sold - to the point where the price actually becomes reasonable!

Since in the United States, Europe and Australia there is less of a haggling culture, people selling Spanish programs in Argentina tend to cash in, when the prices they are charging really are exorbitant. Again, don't be duped. Imitate the locals and be a savvy consumer. Lowball - but not too low - and work out a price that is mutually convenient for both of you. And remember not to feel bad, the ground rule in bargaining is that the person selling the product will never, ever, sell without making a profit. So despite the fact that you may feel victorious, as if you're getting away with a steal, you're actually generating good business for the language institute - if the low price you achieve of Spanish lessons were actually hurting them, they wouldn't finalize the sale.

By being a savvy customer and scouting out the lowest prices on Spanish language schools in Argentina, you will be able to receive a quality Spanish instruction, without paying an arm and a leg for it. With that in mind, here are a few Spanish language courses and school directories to help you on your search for the best learning option possible:

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