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The Best Spanish Language Movies for Spanish Class
The process of learning Spanish should not be relegated to the textbook and whiteboard. It is important to breathe life into the classroom by bringing in guest speakers and employing audiovisual resources that help round out Spanish lessons, and inspire cultural interest that can further your students' desire and motivation to learn Spanish through a variety of channels. One of these channels is Spanish-language film.

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Great Spanish language movies to watch to learn Spanish
Does watching movies in Spanish help improve your language skills? To date every linguist and educator we've spoken to has agreed that it does. Our students—and our own experience—corroborate this. Now, the most overlooked medium for teaching Spanish is cinema from Spain. So here is a Top 10 List of the Best Spanish Movies. Films from Latin America are listed next. If you're learning Spanish, watch these movies because you'll race ahead of your classmates and it's much more fun than homework. These entertaining and educational Spanish movies are available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Web streaming and some on VHS. Here you can find Spanish movies for high school Spanish classes, middle school, college, elementary—any level, it's here.

Pan's Labyrinth
The Spanish Civil War continues to be mined for cinematic narrative. In this case, to great effect. This Spanish film combines CS Lewis and Tim Burton, telling the story of a young girl who escapes the horrors of War to enter an equally challenging fantasy world. Teaching Spanish with Pan's Labyrinth is trending as one of the most entertaining and informative classroom activities. Students love the material, which makes the teacher's job a breeze. Click here now to buy Pan's Labyrinth cheap on DVD or Blu-Ray or or watch it instantly on your computer!

Talk to Her (Hable con Ella)
What are the ethics of sleeping with a girl while she's in a coma? Pedro Almodovar explores this delicate question, and many others as he chronicles the romance between an injured female bullfighter and one lonely guy. Click here to buy the DVD now before supplies run out!

Belle Epoque
Starring Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, this movie chronicles the brief period of bliss and jubilation in Spain immediately preceding the Civil War and brutal crackdown by dictator Francisco Franco. The looming tragedy offers a sense of tension to the too-good-to-be true lives of the characters, adding the uncanny and surreal to what otherwise could actually be considered a light romantic comedy. Click here now to buy Belle Epoqu on DVD or the rare VHS version hard to find except here!

Sex and Lucia
This dreamy, beautiful film chronicles a writer's romance. You'll find yourself drawn in by the sensual cinematography and compelling storyline. If you're looking for what's a good Spanish film to watch while learning Spanish, this one is idea because the slower pace makes it easier to catch more of the dialogue. Buy it on DVD here at a discounted price Or on Blu-Ray

Un Chien Andalous
This classic by the famous Spanish surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel continues to be studied as one of the seminal works of the genre. Despite its crude, early-days-of-film feel, it nevertheless captivates and horrifies. One is reminded that surrealism was a political movement as much as an artistic one, especially considering recent revelations that Spanish Republicans used to show captured fascists this film as a form of torture. Nowadays, however, your students will appreciate the edginess. One more reason to keep showing up to Spanish class! Click here now to buy Un Chien Andalous

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Another fantastic title by the Fellini of Spain, Pedro Almodovar. You'll be shocked, offended and amused all at the same time. Click here to buy it now!

You can find easy movies for Spanish learners at clearance rates and even no cost at all.

Now, the last four of our top 10 Spanish films come from Latin America. Before going any further, note that sociocultural advantages in Spanish cinema are virtually nonexistent. In fact some of the most interesting cinematic works are coming from the Central and South America. There is a huge variety of excellent films coming out of countries ranging from Mexico to Argentina, that have one prizes throughout the world including the United States and Europe. Any of these can be considered the best Spanish movies, not just for language learning but also for their plot, originality and aesthetic content.

Spanish language cinema is an excellent way to peer into the culture of the countries of origin. The Spanish being spoken reflects local dialects, and challenges the viewer to listen closely, in order to more fully understand the plot and poetry of the words being spoken on tape. Paradoxically, some of the best Spanish language movies for new speakers are the ones which feature obscure dialects. You never know. So, if you are a Spanish instructor looking for an effective and entertaining way to immerse your students in the Spanish language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, then check out the top Spanish movies coming from some of the most unsuspected corners of the filmmaking world. here is a list of just a few more of the best Spanish movies for Spanish class:

Maria Full of Grace
This is the thrilling story of a beautiful Colombian woman forced to become a "mule" or drug runner for a big cartel. Bunches of cocaine are wrapped up in condoms, which she is then forced to swallow before bording a plane to the United States. If all goes according to plan, she will then poop the goods out at the drug house in New York. But if any of the condoms breaks in transit, she dies. You may be asking, is Maria Full of Grace appropriate for Spanish class? High school level, absolutely. Even middle school, we believe, but would recommend parental permission forms to be filled out. Buy it cheap on DVD or click here to buy the crisper, clearer Blu-Ray version.

Y Tu Mama Tambien
Featuring latin heartthrob Gael Garcia Marquez and a captivating story that won over North American viewers, Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother, Too) will win any Spanish teacher major points for showing this Spanish language film in the classroom, or assigning it on the class syllabus. But in addition to being popular and enduringly trendy, this Spanish language film is fit for the classroom because it is quite substantive, with an instructive illustration of upper class Mexican culture portrayed as two close friends, teenage boys from different social backgrounds, go on a road trip together through Mexico in pursuit of love and adventure. Accompanying them, of course, is a beautiful girl who sleeps with both of them, and ultimately causes so much tension in the relationship, that the friendship of the two boys is at stake. Needless to say, there are valuable life lessons found in Y Tu Mama Tambien.

A story well performed and told, this is among the best Spanish language movies for Spanish class because it exposes to Spanish spoken for Spanish speakers. If your students simply watch the movie and cognitively reach for the humor, as well as the words that compose the fundamental story line, then this Spanish language film will help dramatically stretch their language ability, and encourage them to learn more. There's little wonder this is the most popular Spanish movie in America, a story about two young Mexican guys, an ideal Spanish teacher film because after all, anything not understood in a film this great will have your students hitting the books in no time flat, inspiring in them a hunger for the Spanish language so as to more fully enjoy a movie like Y Tu Mama Tambien the next time they watch it.Click here to watch it instantly on your computer or buy the DVD or Blu-Ray disc!

The Holy Girl (La niña santa)
One of the most innovative and exciting films on the world stage, La Nina Santa is exemplary of the surging Argentinean New Wave cinema movement that began earlier in this decade. The story revolves around a couple of girls staying with their families during a strange summer vacation at a mysterious hotel in the verdant, misty region of sub-tropical Argentina. The girls are devoutly religious, but also discovering their teen sexuality. Enter a conference of ear, nose and throat surgeons that descend upon the hotel, and passions are awoken.

An amazing characteristic of the films of Lucrecia Martel, one of Argentina's foremost directors, is the fact that her movies explore potent themes of desire and yearning, yet seldom is anything actually realized. Not only does this create the necessary tension to drive a powerful story line, but it also provides a much more accurate reflection of life than does the typical foremulaic Hollywood screenplay.

So if you are looking for a Spanish language movie for Spanish class, remember that this requires a certain level of sophistication. It is one of the best Spanish movies ever made. At the same time, as a teacher you by now probably know not to underestimate the intelligence of your students. Pay special attention to sounds in this movie - not only the sounds of the words being spoken in Spanish, but the sounds of the hotel, the flies buzzing, the ghostly theramin and the moments charged with spiritual energy and anticipation.

To buy La Nina Santa or purchase the English-language version "The Holy Girl", by Lucrecia Martel, then you can find deals on Internet retailers such as Amazon. While the price of a new copy of this Spanish language movie might be what you would normally expect for a foreign language independent film, these online retailers often provide DVDs at clearance prices, which results in a great bargain for shoppers, especially Spanish teachers and professors who are on a budget, but looking for good learning resources, and the best Spanish movies for Spanish class. Click here now to buy a super cheap DVD copy of this rare movie NOW while supplies last

The Official Story (La historia oficial)
What would you do if you found out that your adopted daughter's biological mother was tortured and killed by the government - the same government that ran the adoption center? A crisis of conscience drives the plot in Luis Puenzo's The Official Story, a wrenching tale of a mother's search to find her daughter's family while her husband is adamantly resistant to her finding out the truth. Universal themes of parenthood and adoption intertwine with the dark past of Argentina's Dirty War which saw tens of thousands of its citizens tortured, killed or disappeared.

The Official Story (La historia oficial) is a superb resource for students of Spanish, because it provides a human interest angle into the history of Argentina through a vehicle of excellent cinematic worth and merit. Not only is a fascinating and unbelievably tragic part of Argentina's past exposed - with all of its political, cultural, and emotional content handled extremely well and powerfully - but the narrative requires close attention to the words, and makes learning Spanish and paying attention to the film integral to understanding the full scope of the story.

This movie is recommended as one of the best teachers' resources for Spanish class because the plot is clear and straightforward, yet the words are not dumbed-down. This movie was made as much for an Argentinean audience as any other work of Argentinean cinema, which means it won't demean your students or leave them bored. (Of course, there is ample room for discussion of the similarities between Hollywood Cinema and La historia oficial editing techniques, just one optional question to be included in the bilingual Official Story movie worksheet). The point is that while everyone in your Spanish class may not understand every last word, the story can be followed, and the way it is filmed makes it engaging. They will understand what they can, and likely be intrigued enough to come back and watch the movie again. And for that, they will have to learn more Spanish. That's the fundamental trick to a La historia oficial lesson plan. Click here to buy it now on DVD for cheap or stream it on your computer instantly over the Internet!

So what better teaching aid than one that inspires your students to learn more? This is one of the most riveting Spanish movies about the disappeared.

Still looking for more films? We show you where to buy movies in Spanish at discount prices. There are plenty to choose from, even for Brits seeking to immerse themselves in the language for college entrance exams, films for Spanish A-Level tests include any that improve your listening and comprehension skills. We've made sure that everything listed on this page meets the Spanish A-Level listening requirement. Check out these great Spanish language films for students as well as general interest viewers that our readers have suggested. Most of these Spanish movies easy to understand for Spanish I and Spanish II classes: enough script content can be deciphered by the attentive student to make it worth while. Naturally, they will have to make note of words and phrases they don't understand. That's why they are in the classroom learning the language. A few of these titles are movies based on Spanish literature. Most of these Hispanic movies are appropriate for class. We've done our research and listed these films in Spanish at the absolute lowest prices available on the Internet. This means that we not only show you how to buy Spanish films here, such as which retailers and online hosts allow you to order copies of discs and cassettes in the mail delivered to your door OR stream them on your computer instantly, but also how you can purchase them at low cost, clearance prices and sometimes even for free or .01 cent:

Spanish Language Movies
Here are top Hispanic flicks from all around the world which we would watch over and over again if we could—some of them we have! Apart from the sheer enjoyment, it helps ingrain the inherent language lessons. You can buy or rent the DVDs and streaming rights online, and of course these are the best movies in Spanish on Netflix, too:

Amores Perros with Gael García Bernal and Emilio Echevarría. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu

7 Dias with Lumi Cavazos and Dino Garcia. Directed by Fernando Kalife.

La Mission This movie can be shown in Spanish classes.

Caballos Salvajes With Antonio Grimau and Héctor Alterio. Directed by Marcelo Piñeyro

You can find a Zurdo movie worksheet to enhance the classroom experience.

DON QUIJOTE - I (92 min.)-Spanish audio/ English Subtitles
Read a review of Don Quijote the novel.

Balseros with Maria Celeste Arraras, Guillermo Armas. Directed by Carles Bosch and Josep Maria Domènech The typical Balseros movie worksheet includes questions about plot, which for a language-driven curriculum is essential to determining how much your students understand. This movie in particular is a good gauge of comprehension level in the classroom.

starring Eduardo Verástegui and Tammy Blanchard. Directed by Alejandro Monteverde. Classroom activities for the movie Bella include roleplaying, script-reading, discussion and games.

Bombon El Perro
starring Juan Villegas and Rosa Valsecchi. Directed by Carlos Sorin

Border War: The Battle over Illegal Immigration

Casi Casi
starring Marian Pabon and Tony Valles. Directed by Jaime Valles. All good Casi Casi movie lesson plans begin by explaining the cultural context in which this film is set.

Carol's Journey
with Maria Barranco and Rosa Maria Sardà. Directed by Imanol Uribe. A good Carol's Journey teacher resource would be any of the accompanying literature that tells you how to teach this movie. As a professional and conscientious educator, you of course will want to know whether or not the content is suitable to the age group you are teaching. Is Carol's Journey good for middle school Spanish? You can find out here if you answer a few questions, such as what level language skills your students have, how they respond to videos in the classroom setting, whether the parents are ok with the content, and whether Carol's Journey activities will make advance language learning and improve test results. One of the best ways to find out is to review it yourself, or with other faculty from the language dept. Luckily, it's easy to grab a discount copy off the Internet, so you don't have to worry about making any waves where the district's budget hawks are concerned.

Cinco Amigas
Movie questions for Spanish class pertinent to this film can be found on the review site and many sites that sell copies of this film.

Despabilate Amor

El Bola


El Che - Investigating a Legend

El Norte (The Criterion Collection)
RECOMMENDED! This award-winning classic is a teacher's favorite among the dducational films for Spanish class.

starring Antonio Banderas and Madonna. Before ordering this DVD online, teachers will need to answer one essential question: is Evita a good movie to watch in Spanish class? Many instructors consider the historical context and star appeal strong reasons for including this film in the curriculum, while others may take issue with the somewhat controversial nature of the content. Regardless of one's moral stance, however, students everywhere have found the cinematic version of Evita's life to be captivating.


This movie is absolutely adorable, and the Spanish is really easy to follow. Gringuito movie classes for language acquisition are a recipe for a successful lesson plan. -Editor

Spirit of the Beehive: The Criterion Collection HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Herencia Many argue that this is the best movie to use to learn Spanish.

Under the Same Moon

Like Water for Chocolate

T his is the story of two children's friendship and how it becomes strained in the aftermath of the military coup in Chile. It is superbly produced. Due to the intense subject matter you may be asking, is Machuca appropriate to show in Spanish class? Absolutely. Even to young children: this could be one of the movies to show in 1st year spanish class, provided sufficient explanation is given. While the subject matter is important and heavy, there is no obscene violence, it is safe to show in the classroom. No matter what age, your students will be thoroughly entertained.

No Sabe, No Contesta

El Ultimo Tren

Look at the film reviews to discover ideas for lesson plans for the movie Selena.

Favela Rising


Sin Nombre

The Blue Diner
(Spanish AND English. Good for more beginning Spanish learners).

Innocent Voices

Al Otro Lado

The City
starring Anthony Rivera

The Princess and the Barrio Boy
(Both in Spanish and English. Again, good for more beginning Spanish learners).

This excellent movie for Spanish class stars Alejandro Agresti, Rodrigo Noya and Julieta Cardinali and was also written and directed by Alejandro Agresti. The film is both complex and charming, in that it involves the conflict between a young boy's fantasy about what is possible, and the real limitations that come crashing down onto his world. When teaching the movie Valentin, the instructor should highlight the cultural context of Argentina's rich film tradition which includes a series of coming-of-age films that have preceded this one. This may be perceived as one of the better films for elementary school Spanish, but its content is also highly suitable for older viewers as well.

Viva Cuba
starring Jorge Milo, Malú Tarrau Broche and Luisa María Jiménez Rodríquez. Directed by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti and Iraida Malberti Cabrera. This story is of two young children who are fond of each other, but are kept apart by their parents' class and political differences. A good Viva Cuba movie lesson plan would involve a comparison to the Chilean film Machuca. Both are among the best films for learning Spanish.

Volver [Blu-ray]

Spanish and French language. One of the most important movies with Spanish themes.

Sugar If you want to watch the movie Sugar in Spanish class, be aware that much of the story is in English. It is a great story though, about the experience of immigration seen through the eyes of a Dominican baseball recruit. This is one good example of the many English movies in Spanish to learn the language at a comfortable pace. When subtitles are present, they allow for students to hear English, and see the written Spanish translation. This makes teaching the movie Sugar in Spanish class much easier to facilitate. As a general point, and as much as we hate to say this, even movies that have been dubbed over into Spanish can be helpful to the nascent language learner, because the Spanish is usually easier to understand than that of the original version.

Biutiful which is a play on the pronunciation of "Beautiful", this new Spanish film just released starring acclaimed actor Javier Bardem and directed by Amorres Perros, Babel and 21 Grams director Alejandro González Iñárritu is highly recommended.

Telenovelas are a cultural phenomenon. They are the Hispanic equivalent to a soap opera, they are popular throughout Spain and Central and South America, and people commonly get hooked. Acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar is famous for drawing inspiration for his high brow flicks from this decidedly low brow source. Here are a few that our fans especially like:

Amor Comprado


Walkout This amazing film deals with the issue of discrimination against the language of immigrants within a secondary educational setting. Great for sparking discussion among your students.

Mi Pecado

Andes Andes: Floating on Titicaca

Ladron Que Roba A Ladron

Cabeza De Vaca

An educational movie like Frida starring Salma Hayek and Mía Maestro, for Spanish culture enrichment is also highly recommended as one of the more informative Spanish videos for students. Overall, the list on this page includes elementary and high school appropriate Spanish films and good movies for beginning Spanish classes. If you're looking for educational videos in Spanish, or dealing with a wide variety of Hispanic topics, check out the other educational options listed and reviewed on this site, including Spanish videos for the classroom, including these DVDs about Spanish culture and for language lessons, check out these videos for teaching Spanish

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