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The best way to start out learning a new language like Spanish is to memorize the colloquial expressions and figures of speech that not only add richness to your understanding of the culture, but also help to show you how words are arranged and give you a better, intuitive sense of grammar and syntax. Just as a spoonful of sugar is said to help the medicine go down, so do these odd and amusing Spanish phrases pack a hefty supplement of valuable Spanish lesson. That is, if you can concentrate through your tears of laughter—some of these are really funny!

Spanish idioms
Again, there is practically no better way to learn Spanish grammar without doing any drills. Instead, just pick up fun Spanish phrases which will impress native speakers and make people laugh. You'll carry many a conversation this way, and be the star of the show. Without further ado, here is a helpful collection of resources with hundreds and thousands of Spanish sayings. What are you waiting for? Start memorizing them now! Andele!

Spanish phrases
300 proverbs and refrains compiled by Berta Alicia Chen of University of California at Los Angeles.
Spanish words and phrases Michigan Tech Humanities Department

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