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Berlitz versus Standard Deviants

Berlitz is internationally recognized as the bedrock of quality in the language learning community, and it's therefore the first pick for many students and teachers of foreign language programs, when choosing the lesson plan with which they will proceed. This is no less true for Spanish teachers and students than it is for those of any other program of study for a foreign language. But just because Berlitz is top of mind does not mean that it is necessarily the best choice out there.

Sure, for many language learners, it very well could be the right fit, matching the tone, pace and style of their lessons to the learning needs of their customers. But for others, Berlitz actually may not necessarily be the best fit. So rather than just take the Berlitz program's word for it, and blindly buy up all of their Spanish language products, we think it is a lot wiser to critically exam the merits of Berlitz, and compare their products to those of a formidable competitor: Standard Deviants Spanish Set.

Of course, we are not going to jump into this products review with a predetermined bias. Our one and only goal here at SpanishProfessor.Org is not to play favorites, but rather to make Spanish learning easy. And fun. After all, the whole point of learning Spanish is reaching out to more people and expanding your horizons, so why would we want to make the process of learning burdensome? What we really want is to get you on track with the best products possible for you to fully and confidently begin the language learning process, and quickly, easily become fluent in Spanish, so that then you can live your life more richly.

So guiding by this principle—making it easy and fun to learn Spanish—we are going to showcase the pros and cons of Standard Deviants' most popular Spanish learning products, then compare them side-by-side to the best Spanish instructional materials provided by Berlitz:

Audio CDs
Really, compared to Standard Deviants, Berlitz is king when it comes to the Audio CDs. Take, for instance, the Berlitz Rush Hour Spanish (Spanish Edition) which you can easily snap up for cheap online.

This product, or alternately the Berlitz Spanish CD plus Spanish Phrase Book package will set you on your way to learning Spanish wherever you can listen to a CD or mp3, whether that's sun tanning on the lawn, taking a commute, jogging with headphones or at the gym.

Whereas Berlitz rules the field in the realm of Spanish language CDs, which in our opinion most faithfully employ the standards and techniques that have for decades made Berlitz spanish classes the most trusted course to take, Standard Deviants is bar none the best when it comes to the Learn Spanish DVD.

To get the best Standard Deviants programs, check out the user reviews of these instructional videos, which are currently for sale at used and clearance prices, and decide which of them fit your needs. Remember, with this type of program there are both pros and cons. The downside is that you must be fully engaged - you can't be commuting your jogging, you have to devote your undivided attention to the TV screen while you watch the videos. But that's also a major benefit, because science has shown that the human brain really isn't equipped for multi-tasking.

So, when you sit down and pay full attention to the quality lessons on the screen provided by Standard Deviants, you will learn Spanish at a much more rapid rate, making visual associations with the words, and harnessing your full brain power to the lessons at hand. Also, it goes without saying that you will have fun while you do it. If you didn't, we wouldn't recommend this product in the first place. So browse the list of Standard Deviants spanish instructional DVD products to click on the ones that you feel are best suited to your needs. And most importantly, have fun:

Standard Deviants School—Spanish DVD Super Pack (DVD and CD-ROM)

The Standard Deviants - Habla Espanol? (Learning Spanish)

The Standard Deviants—Spanish 1 & 2

The Standard Deviants—Learn Advanced Spanish - Building on the Basics

The Standard Deviants—Habla Espanol? Beyond the Basics (Learn to Speak Spanish)

The Standard Deviants—Learn Advanced Spanish - Verbs

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