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Learn in Your Car Spanish Complete Language Course (Spanish Edition) [Audio CD]

This audio learning CD focuses on bolstering vocabulary and grammar at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish learning. It is a full immersion program because it is the Spanish edition, so all the instructions and guided lessons are narrated in Spanish, meaning that you learn Spanish by force, because all the instructions are in Spanish. Not the easiest, but many experts would argue that it’s by far the most effective way to learn Spanish. You’ll get every penny’s worth out of this program when you buy it and pop it into your car’s CD player.

In addition to grammar and vocabulary lessons, this Spanish course in audio format for drivers has advanced pronunciation lessons, a perfect aspect of the language to practice while driving and while your hands are tied up. This is not the antiquated CD your parents used, the lessons are fun and snappy, and use vocabulary that real native speakers use, so you are working toward something when you take these driving Spanish lessons while at the wheel. You’ll learn vocabulary that is pertinent to modern technology, like cell phones, Internet, and all types of computers in use today. You’ll also be learning how to talk about “Euros”, not “Pesetas”. In other words, this program is up to date.

how to talk about “Euros”, not “Pesetas”. In other words, this program is up to date.
The size of the program is manageable, but comes with all the features we’ve come to expect in Spanish learning audio CDs. It will fill up 9 hours of your commute, with 9 discs, and when you get home you can pop in the Travelogue DVD into your living room DVD player or home office CD-ROM player and then continue your immersion.

We’ve had reviewers talk about learning up to 30 new vocabulary words a day with this program, and RETAINING the words. We’ve seen that before with audio based vocabulary bolstering programs that follow up with audiovisual lessons, but up till now nothing as effective as this. You also three booklets with transcriptions of the audio lessons, so you can follow along. Plus, these booklets include valuable grammar lessons. To top it all off, they throw in a zippered CD wallet, because you will be carrying this to and from your car.

Level 1 includes key phrases and vocab words, grammar skills at the basic level, and essential travel vocab. Level 2 follows on its heals with new grammar concepts, expanded vocabulary and more everyday activity language practice. Level 3 of the program throttles you into a more comprehensive and accomplished level of conversational and grammatical fluency in Spanish.

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Learn in Your Car: Complete Language Course: Spanish

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