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The rapid approach to learning a new language was revolutionized by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, a linguistics expert and teacher who spent decades perfecting a timed method of language lesson sequencing and assimilation which makes it possible to quickly absorb Spanish in just ten days without having to use a pen and paper. The method is called Graduated Interval Recall and is coupled with another valuable tool he discovered in the classroom, which is the Principle of Anticipation. This essentially means that during the lesson you speak the Spanish that is expected, when it is expected, rather than cramming down a bunch of abstract and rote grammar exercises. There are absolutely no drills in this program, just talking—it simulates the way children learn languages, and that is why it is so powerfully effective that the FBI and CIA have adopted Pimsleur Spanish, and PBS featured it as one of the most leading edge language programs on the market today.

Pimsleur Spanish works by letting you listen to carefully orchestrated conversations, after which you then speak words, phrases, sentences and ultimately entire conversations in Spanish. It is incremental, but shockingly fast because within 10 days you will be speaking fluent, conversational Spanish at a level competent enough to get you through most everyday situations. That’s the Pimsleur Spanish system and, of course, it's backed up by a money-back guarantee. It’s a favorite among travelers who have waited till the last minute to brush up on Spanish, but we would recommend it to anybody who needs a jumpstart in Spanish. We know that the first few days of learning a new language are crucial. If you get discouraged you could drop it all together. Pimsleur does the opposite—it energizes you because you actually start speaking Spanish. There is no system of empty rewards, just well-deserved confidence as you begin speaking real Spanish with real Spanish speakers, after just a few days.

As we’re passionate about the language, we of course would recommend you keep learning and get really into it. That’s why we especially like Pimsleur Spanish; because they have advanced levels that last longer and some even include supplementary reading materials to reinforce the audio conversations. With Pimsleur Spanish, you can do the bare minimum and gain fluency fast, or you can dive in and become an expert Spanish speaker equipped for a covert mission. It’s up to you, and no matter what you choose it’s fun, fast and effective.

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Pimsleur Spanish I More comprehensive. Guaranteed fluency for elementary comprehension and facility. Pimsleur Level 1 is sufficient for basic training and students and professionals who need only to pass a certain requirement. It is also beneficial if you want to advance to further levels because it builds a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary through a teaching methodology that continues to impress educators throughout the world. Just pick up the low priced Pimsleur Spanish 1 CD and give it a whirl.

Spanish II, 3rd Ed. (Compr.) [CD]

Pimsleur Spanish 3, Comprehensive: Learn to Speak and Understand Latin American Spanish with Pimsleur Language Programs RECOMMENDED! Pimsleur Spanish Latin American comprehensive level is a favorite among students and teachers. Once you try it, you'll see why.

Spanish IV, Comprehensive: Learn to Speak and Understand Spanish with Pimsleur Language Programs Find out where you can read a Pimsleur Spanish level IV review for detailed consumer advice on the Pimsleur Spanish advanced program and find low-priced Pimsleur Spanish 4 used here.

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