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Version 10 of this product for the Spanish language comes with 10 DVD-ROM discs and is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 2000 and XP. There is also an important Webpass program included which synchs with online lessons and interactive group activities, making this a dynamic language learning approach blending software with the Web.

Tell Me More Spanish Consumer Review
Our review of Tell Me More Spanish takes into account the fact that in comparison to Rosetta Stone, Fluenz and Rocket Spanish, it is the more economical of the super Spanish programs. How much does Tell Me More Spanish cost? Prices shift all the time, and we keep a close watch on this, which is why we are able to tell you how to get the low prices, and we’ve included a whole section below detailing helpful tricks to finding hidden deals.

How many lessons are in Tell Me More Spanish? The chief benefit of this program is that it includes over 40 unique activities which are designed to get you speaking after just a few minutes. The number of lessons on the 10 discs is much higher, of course. It’s a huge value no matter which way you look at it. Unlike many other software programs, you begin talking right away, which not only is a good approach to cognitive language acquisition, but it also helps you stay engaged (read: not bored) and continue on the lessons.

Videos make it all the more interesting, and if it were videos alone that would be fun enough, but these including dubbing exercises, so you can actually speak and record your voice over actors when their mouths are moving—talk about interactive! The program uses advanced speech recognition technology to quickly get to know your voice, to better understand what words you are saying—or trying to say—and then comparing that to the true, correct Spanish pronunciation, and giving you tips on how to improve your manner of speaking the vowels and consonants specifically tailored to the areas you need to most improvement upon. That is, in fact, our favorite aspect of the program. And that’s just the vocabulary section. The whole deal is comprehensive: speaking, listening, reading, writing—by the time you finish all 10 disk levels of Tell Me More Spanish, you will be fluent in the language.

Tell Me More Spanish discount
There are several clever ways for you get a low-priced copy of version 10 of Tell Me More Spanish, and it is all perfectly legal. First, there are the used Tell Me More Spanish copies which you can buy from virtually any retail site that features the product. What you have to look for, however, are the hidden used sections on the virtual “shelves” on these sites which are sometimes more, let’s say, dimly lit because sellers typically want you to buy the shiny new saran-wrapped copy with the higher sticker price because they just make more money that way. We want you to know that you can get a used copy of Tell Me More Spanish that is just as good, that is unscratched, that has all the materials, that is like new, but half the price, because it is used. Sometimes, even you can find Tell Me More Spanish at clearance prices, because online stores are always pushing their inventory around in a desperate attempt to grasp for the highest markup rates, which means that you can often find perfectly new copies of Tell Me More Spanish for low prices, still in their shiny plastic wrap, but at a cost much lower than retail price.

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