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If you are able to apply yourself, work hard and really learn the language, you can actually make serious money. No joke. All through the US and Europe, incredibly high paying jobs are becoming available to people who can speak Spanish. You don’t need to be a native speaker, in fact it is better if you aren’t. What you need is Spanish certification. We show you where to get a certificate in the Spanish language that can literally boost your salary by $47,000 a year.

If that sounds too good to be true, just ask the court interpreters we spoke to in Manhattan, Miami Beach and San Francisco who are making six figure salaries because they got their Spanish certification at the right time, and were waiting at the doorstep with their Spanish certificates in hand when the jobs opened up.

These language certified professionals are actually pretty blasé about the money they make, because like all wealthy people they have to pay income tax and make the mortgage for their beautiful loft apartments. Good problems to have, if you ask us. So if you feel you could increase your income by literally up to $1,175,000 over the next 25 years, and you think you might be able to reach a level of fluency in Spanish that qualifies you, then look no further: we show you how to get Spanish certification online, or in the classroom, depending on how you like to learn.

Money making certificate programs
You’ve got options. Not only do we show you where you can find accredited courses, but we reveal the secret to finding the lowest cost Spanish certification programs. You see, when they consider the huge upside to obtaining this qualification, the tens of thousands more you’ll be making every year, most language programs are keen to the fact that you will be willing to pay almost anything, as an investment in your future. So many have decided to try to get in on the action, and they have raised the Spanish language certification price significantly. But don’t be fooled. You don’t have to pay that much! There are still hundreds of accredited universities that charge normal, humane tuition, and aren’t part of this industrialized education system that’s just in it for the money.

While we agree that it is worth it to invest in yourself and your own human capital, we know how to spot schools taking advantage of the system when we see them. We don’t like those schools. No matter what the upside to education, you should not have to pay an arm and a leg for self improvement. Education is your right, not the privilege of an elite few. Everybody should have equal access to the American dream without going into debt. That’s our philosophy.

After all, you’re not making the big bucks yet, and even when you are the student loans can be brutal. Don't set yourself up to get bogged down in paying off an overpriced loan when you could be using your money for things you really enjoy, like a nice house and vacations. Now is the time when you need to save money to put yourself through the program while supporting yourself. You may even have a family to support as well. We understand that it’s important to find the cheapest Spanish language certification programs at accredited, internationallly recognized universities, online institutes and language academies—all money making certificate programs. We’ve compiled a list of online Spanish certification schools as well as local community colleges and night school programs in all 50 US states and throughout the world, so that you can study in a classroom just minutes from where you live.

Here are a few top fields of expertise and programs to learn Spanish English interpreting:

Spanish-English Court Interpreter Certification
- this is one of the biggest money making certificate programs for bilingual professionals.

Medical Spanish Certificate

Spanish Teaching Certificate

DELE Certification

Occupational Spanish Language Training Command Spanish Review

Community Spanish Interpreter Degree

Spanish Proficiency Certification Test

Spanish certificate University of Delaware at Newark, DE 19716 lists the core requirements for foreign language certification.
Spanish examinations NSE
Online Spanish language teaching certification courses University of Wisconsin - Madison

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