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DELE Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language

In order to set up linguistic standards and promote economic and cultural development, the government of Spain has established an official Spanish certification process by which students can obtain the Spanish degree known as DELE, or Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language. The official government agency that oversees this certification process is the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport of Spain. They charge the Instituto Cervantes with setting up the DELE tests, while the school that does all of the evaluations, corrections, and preparation for the exams is the University of Salamanca.

While the university in charge of DELE certification is in Salamanca, students can test and attend preparatory classes virtually anywhere in Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Cadiz, Seville, Cordoba, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Zaragoza and many smaller towns in Spain with adult continuing education centers, or local colleges or universities, or private language institutes that specialize in preparing students for the DELE examination.

We encourage you to do your research to find the cheapest DELE Spanish certification program. The cost of the test is pretty much standard, but smart students will save money by choosing a DELE program in a city that has a cheaper cost of living, like Granada (where the tapas are free), or DELE classes in Malaga, right next to the beach. The price of these exam prep courses tend to correspond to the cheaper cost of living, so that not only will you save on rent and food, but you’ll pay a lower price for your DELE certification course in Spain. If you like the big cities, we understand. There’s still a way to find affordable certification classes, especially because there are many more language academies in bigger cities, so that you can choose the cheapest of many options, and even bargain if you have to. Yes, it works. Sign up for as many programs as you can, and make sure all of them know that you’re shopping around. In this economy, they’ll do anything for your dollars, or euros, and that’s how you play the game. It requires calling around, sending emails, and doing all the follow up, but you can truly save a lot of money. The price tag for DELE courses may seem high, but there are ways to save money like choosing shorter programs of a week or three days of intensive learning to make it pay off. You’ll pass the test, get the DELE certificate and be on your way to joining the Spanish-speaking workforce.

DELE preparation courses online
Of course, you don’t have to travel all the way to Spain to take the course. DELE exams are available online, courses through email and correspondence classes prepare you for the test. These are officially recognized, complete courses that leave nothing out, so you can learn the vocab for Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language, as well as the grammar, speaking, listening and every other aspect of the language necessary to pass the test. You can get your DELE Spanish degree on the Internet, no problem, through the Instituto Cervantes. It’s backed up by the government of Spain and the prestigious University of Salamanca.

You can also study on your own. Self preparation for the DELE exam is a viable option if you are motivated and disciplined. We show you how to find DELE practice tests, DELE books and self study resources for DELE certification from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels include DELE exam preparation book selections, CDs, and video resources that give auto evaluation tools and DELE practice exams to help prepare you for test time. We’ve listed the best DELE self study tools on sale below, including several varieties of Spanish proficiency speaking test practice booklet courses at the lowest prices. It’s important that you buy the test practice materials that are specific to each level of DELE. There are six levels of DELE certification, each with a clear and stated level of Spanish proficiency which you will be able to exhibit in reading, writing, speaking and listening upon completion of the test preparation course and passing the exam. A sample DELE Spanish test helps you drill for exactly what you need to know. But remember that a free DELE exam is worthless if you're not prepared.

Spanish DELE program
Yet another option is to study through your college or university language department. If your alma mater is among the schools that include DELE prep as part of the overall Spanish curriculum, then you will probably want to know what dele level Spanish to study at university. Your college will provide an online placement test that usually takes less than 15 minutes to fill out, and you will know your test results immediately. This is a low-pressure test that you should not study for, as its sole purpose is to determine your current level of Spanish and guide you and your college counsellor as to which DELE level you should sign up for at your university.


This is the most basic certification level available. When you pass the test to receive A1 DELE certification, you will be able to comprehend the everyday phrases and expressions that people use in every country and region that speaks Spanish. You will be able to talk about yourself, your name, age, where you come from and many other essential pieces of personal information, as well as be able to ask the same of other people. Typically those who graduate at this level will require their interlocutors to speak slowly and be comprehending of the A1 graduate’s elementary Spanish-speaking abilities. You can download DELE level A1 test samples online: check the official resources listed on this page and practice listening for DELE A1 with audio lessons for sale, or in the language lab at the school you are taking the course at. A note about the A1 level Spanish practice test: students tend to benefit even more at this stage, because this is the first test in the series, and you don't have the hang of it in the same way that the students who have graduated to higher levels have.






This level completes the A1 program by enabling the student who passes at this level to be able to delve further into explaining things about him or herself, and asking personal questions of other native Spanish speakers. The A2 level Spanish speaker will also be able to function at a higher level, go shopping, discuss work, family life, and a variety of other universal topics of conversation. One great way to study is to buy a book of tests Spanish A2 students took before. There are good resources that combine two levels but is actually the best we have found for DELE A2 preparation.








This is the first of the two intermediate diplomas in Spanish as a foreign language. While the graduate will still speak at an intermediate level, he or she will be able to act on ones own and function well in an entirely Spanish-speaking environment. Cheap books offering preparation for Cervantes B1, or any other qualified administrator as it is a standardized test, are available, along with Spanish B1 audio drills to prepare you for the listening part of the DELE B1 exam. Another way to practice is to download B1 DELE former exams, to simulate the test-taking experience. The DELE B1 sample can provide some powerful clues as to what to study for. The low cost of the B1 exam means you have no excuse to wait. Sign up to get your degree today and make sure to buy the preparatory DELE B1 book cheap: Nueva preparacion al DELE B1 inicial + CD because it includes audio DELE B1 exercises along with the materials you need for the vocabulary test B1.







Barring specialized vocabulary, the student who successfully passes the B2 exam will be a high functioning participant in virtually any Spanish speaking environment. It is beginning at this level that employers with high paying job offers begin to be interested in applicants for positions which require a moderately proficient level of fluency in the Spanish language with a Spanish B2 vocabulary that covers all the bases. If you want to know how to get a B2 certificate in Spanish, we provide you with a list of good resources for DELE Spanish B2 exam prep on this page and the most appropriate books for B2 Spanish students to read plus a DELE B2 exam sample.










This advanced Spanish certification, when attained, enables the student to navigate through various fields that require specialized vocabulary. Passing the Spanish C1 language test translates to much better chances for your career. Buy low-priced books for DELE C1 to improve your chances of passing the test. When used as the sole source of study, or as a supplementary material alongside preparatory coursework for this Spanish diploma level, these print and ebook materials really help. We show you how to find the cheapest C1 DELE preparation books, which will enable you to dramatically improve you Spanish while helping assure that you will graduate this level. Alternately you can get a DELE C1 CD download.






DELE C2: Superior Level

This is the ultimate in Spanish proficiency. Not only will you have a grasp of specialized Spanish vocabulary and phrases, but you will move through dialogues and written expression with ease. You will also have a cultural background to further bolster your competence and fluency in the Spanish language. Your ability in the language will be backed up by the Spanish government. This is an extremely important test, so it is crucial that you get your hands on a C2 Spanish practice exam as part of your preparation.






Helpful DELE exam preparation books:
Here is a list of what teachers and students alike have submitted in their consumer reviews as the best DELE preparation materials that money can buy. We stand by these books and encourage you to compare prices to get the best deal possible, because learning Spanish is your right and it should be affordable:

DELE A1 Book: Preparacion al Diploma de Espanol. Nivel A1 + CD Audio
This is by far the most thorough and helpful of the many books to prepare for Spanish A1 DELE offered on the market today.

DELE A1-A2 Book: En Accion 1-Libro del alumno A1-A2 (Spanish Edition)

Here is where you can find DELE B1, B2 preparation material on sale for cheap:
DELE B1 Book: Nueva preparacion al DELE B1 inicial + CD

DELE B2 Book: Preparacion al Diploma de Espanol Nivel Intermedio B2

El Cronometro / The Stopwatch: Manual de preparacion del Dele / Manual of Preparation for the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Spanish Edition) (RECOMMENDED)

You can click around and do an Internet search to read a review of El Cronometro for B2 and every other DELE level

DELE C1 Book: Suena 4. Libro del Alumno C1. Marco europeo de referencia + CD Audio (Spanish Edition)

DELE C2 Book: Preparacion al Diploma De Espanol Nivel Superior (C2) Dele - Incluye CD-Rom

Also note that the Internet is replete with places where you can get the D.E.L.E. exam download for free. We show you where, plus we point out how to find the DELE exam preparation book download, which many prefer as an alternative to the paperbound options.

D.E.L.E online prep
Distance learning courses to prepare for the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language are available online throught the institute and some universities. Check out these DELE Spanish courses online offered at the Dublin, Ireland center of the Cervantes Institute.

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Remember to ask about the DELE online test. Also remember that you can purchase discounted Spanish exam DELE books: click here now to buy online at clearance prices.

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