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It really is possible. In fact, learning Spanish online has long since been the preferred method of Spanish acquisition by language learners at all levels. The simple reason is that it works. Learning Spanish online is entertaining and rewarding. It's a lot more than filling in the blanks on online forms, then emailing them to some anonymous professor. Rather, by using live audio Spanish lessons online and inventive, interactive lesson plans, online collaboration with fellow students and frequent follow up with qualified, expert professors, online Spanish learning is an extremely valuable experience.

The most common way to learn Spanish online is through acredited universites that offer distance learning courses. These can be taken from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a computer and a high speed internet connection (unlike a few years ago, practically all Internet connections around the world are high speed). We show you how to enroll, pay a small fee, then immediately begin studying and interacting with teachers and students. We show you where to study Spanish online: credit classes as well as non-credit classes, occupational Spanish lessons over the Internet plus the best online conversational courses for students.

Online Spanish courses
As distance learning gains traction in today's busy world, online Spanish courses are increasingly available. A distance Spanish course is the preferred method of learning the language for many part-time and full-time students. We show you how to sign up for cheap, because discounted tuition rates and fees are almost always available, and find out where to take a completely online Spanish course for college: this is where you can find out more about e-learning online Spanish degree programs. On this page. Learn how to enroll in online Spanish language college courses through an accredited university or language school with limited, affordable fees. This is similar to the speed Spanish course community college programs teach through language resources available at junior college libraries and language labs, but faster because of improved Internet technology. Plus, we show you where to find inexpensive Spanish lessons online. We've done the research so you can get ahead faster. Start by browse the academic resources listed on this page or visit our directory of local Spanish schools to find a speed Spanish class in your community.

College Spanish online
These schools allow you to register for online lessons at every level. You can enroll in college Spanish 101 and 102, distance learning, for example, or accredited Spanish II classes, where taking Spanish online is a serious and effective experience. You can enroll in an accredited online Spanish 203 class by visiting the university Web page and signing up right there. British and international students seeking distance learning A-Level Spanish for their GCSE exam can expect to be fully prepared upon passing an online course, which is likely the most convenient way to study A Level Spanish for foreign students. If you are a younger learner, or a student of any age seeking pre-university units, you can matriculate in pre-college level Spanish distance learning for credit. If you don't speak any Spanish yet, then you can register at the Beginner, or Elementary level. If you already have some basic knowledge of the language, or you are ready for a follow up to beginning Spanish, you can register at the Intermediate level, or sign up for an online Spanish refresher course. If you are a near fluent speaker of Spanish, but would like advanced instruction in grammar, composition, and pronunciation, then the Advanced is the most appropriate level at which to start studying. If you don't know what level of Spanish course to enroll in, don't worry. Many schools provide online tests for you to determine the which among the Spanish online classes is best suited for you to attend.

How online Spanish courses work
Learning a language - any language - is a highly participative process that combines four important features: reading, writing, listening and speaking. In traditional classrooms, Spanish professors teach basic grammar and vocabulary, but they also often spend much of the time having students talk to one another, so that their students can practice forming sentences and improve their Spanish pronunciation skills.

Taking adult or continuing education distance courses in Spanish online is effective and in very much the same way a traditional class is. Alongside a daily instruction introducing or reinforcing a grammar lesson, or a list of the day's new Spanish vocabulary words, online Spanish courses usually offer multi-media, audiovisual tools that allow students to practice listening and speaking in order to become that much more fluent in Spanish. But online college Spanish courses offer the unique experience of perfect—albeit sometimes automated—conversation partners. In the non-virtual classroom setting, you are prone to endure the mistaken Spanish of your partners, who are generally at the same learning level that you are, errors 'n all. In the virtual online college Spanish class, however, you will be paired with interactive audiovisual conversation programs that do not teach you mistakes. And in some cases, classes partner with native Spanish speakers trained in conversation guiding. Just connect online and start communicating in Spanish via audio or audio-video chat: it all goes toward class participation credit.

Before enrolling in an online course through a continuing education program, be sure to email the instructor and ask about all the features that are included in the distance learning program. Many Spanish classes on the Web also include instant messenger connectivity, which is important, because this allows you and other students to stay in touch with the instructor and ask questions about the lessons at any point. Oftentimes, in fact, when you study Spanish by distance, learning is largely self-guided, and the professor remains available by IM and email for a certain number of hours each day. You may find this to be an ideal way to learn, as it allows you to study from the comfort of your home or office while you are always just a ping away from the professor.

Choosing a Spanish course online
Not all online classes were created equal, and it is important to be discerning when choosing which course to take. Online Spanish instruction need to fulfill several important criteria. Here is a brief checklist of features to look for in an e-learning Spanish program. Regardless of the fluency level or the diploma you are seeking, all online Spanish classes should include these features:

- Instant Messenger (IM) - when learning online, email is not enough.
- Audio - a course should include speaking and listening exercises
- Video - increasingly in demand, video chat provides a realistic conversation experience for speaking/listening
- Accreditation - only enroll in an accredited online university
- For languages like Spanish: live online classes in addition to required and supplementary reading and exercises

Online accredited Spanish courses
On this page we show you how to find legitimate diplomas from real schools. We recognize that one of the foremost concerns for people enrolling in a Spanish language program online is whether or not the school is accredited. Fortunately, distance learning is very much the same as studying Spanish at a local university—quality online Spanish courses are accredited through the same standards that other schools are given the seal of approval. In addition, the teachers and professors who lead the telecourses at these online Spanish departments and instructional schools are accredited Spanish teachers.

What does it mean to be accredited? Essentially, this means that the school has undergone a voluntary process of achieving a seal of approval. If a school does not have accreditation, its students are not eligible for federal and most other forms of financial aid. That means for most schools it is a matter of life and death. In the US, UK and many Spanish speaking countries, accreditation is standardized and very trustworthy. That said, it is very important to take a look under the hood, forearmed with a precise understanding of what the standards are in a online Spanish class. Like any scholarship, grant-writer or financial aid fund, we at SpanishProfessor.Org have vetted all the schools that we have listed as "accredited" on this Web site. We understand, however, that you may extend your search to schools not listed here. Therefore, it is important that you research the agency which has granted accreditation to the school you are considering. There are many organizations which offer accreditation, but some aren't valid themselves. Discover how to apply for a real online Spanish degree here: our list of schools is the most comprehensive, researched and vetted on the Web. Whether you simply want a quality learning experience, or if you are applying for an accredited degree or Spanish business certificate to advance your career, or if you are looking for an accredited language program on-line, this is the page you need to be on:

Schools offering Spanish programs online
Interactive online Spanish education programs provide a constructive virtual environment for intensive Spanish learning on the Internet, often via Spanish correspondence courses, remote learning Spanish online and postal education, and here on this page you can find dozens of Web classes for Spanish through university programs and telecourses, so you can enjoy all the benefits of independent online Spanish while still, albeit virtually, attending a real school and working toward a real degree. Spanish online that's self paced for college credit with cheap tuition rates: that's what we list on this page. Whether you are a beginner getting your feet wet for the first time, an advanced student of Spanish composition, or if you are seeking a Spanish grammar and composition class online, a distance Spanish University or any number of US-based distance courses can provide Spanish classes via on line instruction, often conducting their courses with live audio Spanish lessons online. This means that learning Spanish online is more than clicking buttons and answering multiple choice questions. Much more. The schools we list offer the best Spanish online course with a method of instruction by making the process of learning Spanish online truly intereactive—that's the promise of the Internet, and it is a promise that these courses fulfill.

Spanish courses online
There is also a wide variety of possibilities. If you're looking for ways to get around taking Spanish in college, you can sign up here for independent and long distance learning Spanish. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced online Spanish courses offered. You can also take an online Spanish refresher course, a virtual Spanish course—you can even an online Spanish culture college class! For people who are intimidated by the perceived difficulty of learning Spanish, or people who can't dedicate as much time to studying a new language, it is easy to enroll in easy Spanish lessons online. It's much more efficient. Even distance learning conversational Spanish classes are being hailed as a new and better form of learning. Why? Because with traditional Spanish dialogue in a classroom setting, your conversation partners are your fellow students, which means you could be picking up their mistakes. Conversational Spanish lessons online involve direct student-teacher dialogue, and busier courses have been known to employ entire call centers full of professional teachers who can give online Spanish conversational lessons over the Internet, using Skype or a university-intranet VoIP system. Sounds complicated? It's not. This is the virtual language lab solution that people have been dreaming about for decades, and now it's at your fingertips for cheap. Once you pass you get educational credit which is easily reconciled with accredited Spanish schools and major universities where online Spanish credits are accepting the same as traditional academic units are in the United States and around the world. Of course, Web based classes aren't only for those seeking a refresher course for Spanish. You can go straight to the registrar, or click on the school Web sites and fill out the forms and email the appropriate staff members and send request information from them about taking completign an entire degree course in Spanish through e-learning. Thanks to the burgeoning availability of schools and instructors adapting to this exciting new learning technology, your options are almost limitless when searching for Spanish distance learning degrees. Still, it's important to be able to narrow down your search and find the quality programs with low tuition fees that facilitate studying Spanish to the degree level that you are seeking in the easiest, most straightforward way possible. Let's begin with Spanish undergraduate courses online that fulfill all the requirements so that you can get a Spanish degree from home:

Online Associate's degree Spanish

Community colleges offer the AA in foreign languages via distance learning in order to prepare transfer students for four year colleges by satisfying all their undergraduate general education requirements (in addition to the Spanish language specific courses). Many students earn their AA just to have the opportunity to display a degree on their resume as they enter the career market. This is absolutely the fastest way to get a Spanish degree. Whatever your ultimate goal, this degree is an important and respected stepping stone to success. What can I do with an Associate's degree in Spanish? You can qualify for most forms of certification and gain a crucial leg up in the job market. You can also avoid paying higher tuition fees in the future, if you plan to study for your higher level degrees at any point down the road. Furthermore, getting your AA in Spanish online is almost always faster and easier than commuting to the college campus and sitting in the lecture hall, trying to keep your eyes open. It is also much cheaper—just consider the gas money you'll be saving. University of Illinois offers online Associate Degree program including distance elementary Spanish. Check out the course list and email them to take online placement tests and request more information on what the AA Spanish distance program is like, and how to enroll in the distance learning Spanish Associate's degree program.

Online Bachelor's degree Spanish
Most assume that a serious four year degree requires an investment of tens of thousands of dollars and a huge amount of time spent living in dorms and going through the whole college rite of passage. Fine. But for the rest of us, attaining a Bachelor degree in Spanish online can be rapid, inexpensive and convenient, thanks to distance learning. You can get your online BA in Spanish and receive the exact same diploma that all the other college students get. You can even don a cap and gown walk in the graduation ceremony, if you like. It is the exact same degree, and opens the exact same doors, regardless of whether studies are undertaken at a traditional insitution or whether you choose from the available Bachelor degrees in Spanish through online universities. The only difference is that Spanish BA through distance learning is much cheaper and more convenient. Online Bachelor Degree: Spanish, accredited only of course, is what smarter students are choosing today, which is why agrowing number of colleges allow you to take many, most or all Spanish BA required courses online. Even an entirely virtual Spanish BA that is accredited, legitimate, and recognized in the real world. Mercy College in New York offers a fully online Spanish Bachelor's Degree.

Distance degree Master's in Spanish
You can actually complete an entire graduate Spanish course online if you sign up with the right online Master's program Spanish professors lead with the help of attentive, helpful staff and teacher's assistants who are qualified to teach the long distance Spanish Master's in a way that makes you feel you're studying right along side them at the whiteboard and visiting them during office hours. A city college Master degree via online Spanish can boost your career, and help you develop a deep, intuitive understanding of the language, culture and everything Spanish. Remember that this type of learning isn't led by robots. The Master's degree in Spanish online is prestigious. It takes skill and professionalism to conduct a graduate long distance program, and we show you the instructors and professors that can because this is where you can find a list of certified online Spanish Master's degree programs—on this page. We feature resources that provide detailed lists of classes and Web versions of the school catalogs including course numbers, descriptions, professor biographies and all other pertinent details so you not only know what is involved in obtaining your online Master's degree in Spanish, but the step-by-step process you need to follow.

Online PhD Spanish
The same goes for obtaining your PhD doctorate degree in Spanish online: you can do all your coursework over the Internet, from the comfort of your home and at the time of day your schedule permits. This page is where we show you schools that provide accredited doctoral Spanish distance learning program options. If you want to know how to apply just browse the list of schools below, email the professors and guidance administrators, fill out the forms to request more information and sign up for info sessions to find the best online Spanish graduate programs for PhD degrees.

As you can see, this is not a second-class form of study. It is recognized and legitimate; Spanish classes online can offer a powerful leg up toward attaining your diploma, certification or degree. Universities with large distance learning departments have benefited from the value students are increasingly become aware of. But we've been able to find online classes offered at smaller institutes, and we show you how to get in on the ground floor, by taking advantage of the low-prices and cutting edge, innovative style of these smaller universities. Of course we also show you the bigger programs too, but we don't want you to be led to believe that that's all that's out there. We want you to have the biggest choice and selection, so that you make the right decision for yourself. One thing's for sure, the online Spanish lessons we feature on this page are not only rewarding, but they can be easy if you organize your study schedule properly. But just because it can be easy, doesn't mean it won't be effective. In fact, that's in keeping with the whole purpose of our effort: to make real online Spanish learning easy.

Online Spanish immersion course
Self-paced doesn't have to mean slow-paced. Intensive language programs for every type of student—from preschoolers to professionals—are available on the Internet through accredited universities, vocational academies and children's education programs.

More resources
In addition to the home learning Spanish degree courses listed on this page, we present several age-appropriate options for secondary and pre-secondary students seeking Spanish instruction online. This is where parents can find Web based Spanish program for children:
K-12 online Spanish schools
High school Spanish courses online
Spanish distance learning for middle school students
Elementary school Spanish immersion classes online

Learning Spanish on the Internet
Here is where you can choose an online course for Spanish court interpreters, or a distance learning medical Spanish certification courses offering online Spanish language instruction through their distance education programs, a type of learning sometimes referred to as distant Spanish. As many of these courses are for professional licensure in legal, medical, educational arenas, the recognition of their completion is recorded via continuing education units. Spanish CEU credits can be accumulated and used toward a license or certification. They are sometimes regarded as non-credit, which simply differentiates them from degree programs. Ask your school's administrator about the ways in which you can transfer CEU Spanish credits toward licenses and/or diplomas.

An online Spanish degree is easy to test for and pass if you enroll in the right program. Want to take classes on the Internet with a private tutor? Find out how to take online Spanish courses via Skype and other live learning capable software or VoIP and find a private Spanish instructor at the degree level with the best online Spanish tutors. Or just click here now to learn Spanish online.

Distance Spanish college classes: Web based continuing education resources
Here is the list where you will find a university that offers Spanish online classes, including both public and private colleges. This is the authoritative list of schools that offer Spanish online and provide recognized college credits for both complete and supplementary coursework. As you begin your research, remember that not all programs are created alike. To find out what is the best course for Spanish distance learning for your particular needs, contact course administrators, fill out requests for information and get an email, chat or phone interview, or even show up at the university itself. This kind of research is truly revealing. We've done lots of research to give you a great starting point here:
Online Spanish courses North Carolina State University offers low cost Internet based language classes at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. It is one of the top officially recognized online Spanish courses. NC State also teach medical Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish on the Net, you can register right on their Web page.
Distance learning Spanish University of Illinois at Springfield, IL Continuing Education Dept.
Accredited online Spanish classes Utah State University at Logan, UT employs Blackboard Vista technology so that students can log in and take these Spanish classes from anywhere in the world. If you want to take a Spanish course in Utah, your best option may yet be virtual.
Spanish I and II online University of South Florida at St. Petersburg, FL
Beginning college-level Spanish class online BYU Independent Study program, Provo, UT. Brigham Young online spanish classes allow students to bolster and improve their command of the language from anywhere in the world.
Online college Spanish courses East Carolina University at Greenville, NC
Ask about SPN 203 online summer session options available at Cleveland State University, OH
Spanish A Level distance learning via The Independent Training and Courses, London, England
The need for occupational Spanish language training is also growing, and low cost Spanish courses online are emerging to educate workers and supervisors alike.

Winter Spanish online sessions Bellevue College offers a SPAN 122 course for Winter 2011 trimester term. If you're looking for a Winter Break Spanish 101 class or seeking a Winter course for 3 online college credits in Spanish, this list of schools is a crucial place to begin your search.

Helpful Spanish practice Web sites
Here are a few free Internet programs to learn Spanish:
Spanish grammar online multiple choice exercises Colby College at Waterville, ME 04901
Online advanced Spanish grammar Bowdoin University at Brunswick, Maine 04011 provides a detailed and comprehensive library of exercises completely free and accessible on the Web, and should point you to where you can find Spanish Grammar & Composition online classes.

College Spanish online
Want the comfort and assurance of taking a class from home or the library, but knowing that the school is located near where you live? Do you want to know whether or not the school you commute to every day also offers the classes you need online? While we understand it's a World Wide Web, and the beauty of distance learning is that you can study from anywhere, we also appreciate that citizens of certain countries require credits from schools within their scholastic system, which is sometimes limited to within the borders of the state, country or subnational zone. After all, virtual e-learning is still administered by real schools, some of which offer Spanish online 4 year accreditation programs. It is serious business, and you'll get a serious degree. If you are specifically looking for a distance learning Spanish degree the United States can offer, or the UK for example where you can learn A Level Spanish online. So we've put together a list of schools and colleges so you can determine where to take Spanish classes online, based on where you live. We've organized organized these e-learning schools by state and region so that you can narrow down your search of (virtual) campuses to those that will best suit your schedule (remember that time zones can affect when, exactly, your weekly online tests, quizes and assignments are due), comfort level and academic requirements. This list is extensive, but as it is our goal to empower you to find the learning path most suited to your needs, we want to equip you with clever tools that most people on the internet don't know about. For instance, if you're still looking you can expand your search to community colleges that offer Portuguese online, because nine times out of ten they also offer Spanish, and therefore perhaps find a course you would not have otherwise. That said, you're best off starting your search here:

Online Spanish courses in California City College of San Francisco, CA offers Elementary Spanish 1A and 1B through distance learning.
Here is a helpful hint to finding an MA Spanish distance learning California program: first check, for example, an academic Spanish MA course list. Then find out which of the courses are available entirely on the Web. Email the department guidance administrator, or fill out the online form to request more information. Begin a dialogue and find out how to tailor an entirely online Master's degree, or customize a blended learning solution.

Spanish Oral Expression, Reading and Composition Online (SPN 312K) via University of Texas Spanish online at Austin, TX. This is where you can get online Spanish 1 credit in Texas. This upper division second-year Spanish I online course offers students the equivalent of three hours of college credit at a standard tuition fee of $550 which can be covered by loans, grants and scholarships through the university's financial aid department or independently. If you want to take online college Spanish classes in Texas, this is one of the most secure opportunities for learning second year college level Spanish over the Web.

If you're looking for the top online universities for Spanish in Florida, then consider this online Florida college class for Spanish II (SPN1131) wherein the University of Florida offers five hours credit for Beginner's Spanish 2. To be clear, this is an online independent intermediate Spanish II course.

Spanish Online by the Oregon State Extended Campus offering online and distance degrees in languages, located at Corvallis, OR 97331. This is where to look to enroll in a Spanish class online in Oregon.

Elementary (SPAN 1002), Intermediate (SPAN 2001), and Accelerated Elementary Spanish online courses (SPAN 1110) provided by the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education at Athens, GA 30602. The online Spanish degree Georgia schools offer is highly esteemed by national and international schools, businesses and governments.

North Carolina
NC State Distance Education out of Raleigh, NC 27695 features an Intermediate Spanish I class or if you'd like to specialize you can take a basic Spanish for Healthcare distance learning course offered by the University of North Carolina Online. These are two exemplary colleges in NC with Spanish in distance education. Many ask us: where can I take online spanish courses for college credit in NC? Again, we would recommend the schools listed here.

Learn Spanish online through a LNG 125 Spanish for Cultural Literacy Online course offered by the University of Illinois College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or study occupational Spanish online, this time through the Rockford, IL based Rock Valley College, which offers extremely cheap online classes in job-specific Spanish conversational phrases for Law Enforcement, Realtors, Park Rangers, 911/Dispatch, Customer Service, Financial Professionals, EMS/Fire Fighters, Correction Officers and Landscaping. This distance education training course is accredited for conversational Spanish applicable to real life workplace scenarios.
Virtual Spanish lessons with Prairie State College at Chicago Heights, IL, 60411.

New Jersey
If you're new to the language you can take online Spanish 101, 102 and 103 for beginners hosted by the College of New Jersey at Ewing, NJ 08628.

Elementary Spanish II - Online for academic credit provided by the Fort Lewis College of Continuing Education at Durango, CO.

New Mexico
Online Master's Degree in Spanish information blog provided by the instructor of the course hosted by New Mexico State University.

Online Elementary Spanish Course Here is where you can sign up to learn more about the programs offered and, if you're satisfied, then enroll in any of the Spanish 111 through 114 classes hosted by the Distance Education Department at Boise State University, Boise ID 83706. Take advantage of the low cost of living in Idaho, regardless of where you actually live. Scroll down to find out how incredibly cheap the course fees actually are.

Spanish courses offered online from University College UMass include SPAN102

Not give students a chance to take a language class that focuses strongly on comprehension of the written word, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Ohio State University at Columbus are featuring Spanish 104D distance education Spanish for reading program.

Check out Spanish classes for construction managers as an occupational language training course for contractors and construction workers offered by the Arizona Department of Education.

Online Spanish I, blended learning Spanish 2 and 3 are part of the Spanish Basic Language Program by Pennsylvania State University at University Park, PA, 16802
Online Spanish language training Reading Area Community College in Philadelphia, PA has partnered with Command Spanish
You have the option to get your Bachelor's degree B.A. in Spanish online at Cedar Crest College at Allentown, PA, 18104. They also have campuses in Lehigh Valley, Easton, Bethlehem, Poconos and Berks County, PA.

Virtual Spanish courses offered over the Internet by the Northern Virginia Community College at Richmond, VA, 23219 include Spanish for the Tourist (SPA 17) online, Beginning Spanish I (SPA 101) and more.

Spanish 101 online student reviews: forum discussion on the Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Web site.
Also note that Bethel College at Mishawaka, IN 46545 has offered Elementary Spanish I and II in the past. We recommend contacting them to find out about current course listings.

United Kingdom
Get a Spanish qualification online through Learning and Teaching Scotland National Qualifications Online Support, Glasgow G2 8DU.

Online graduate Spanish courses for teachers

MAT in Spanish online University of Maine Department of Modern Languages and Classics at Orono, ME 04469

Whether you are looking for a 200 level Spanish course to complete the language requirement at your college, or need a supplementary class that you can take over the summer or winter break , this page is where you should look. Email the professors and counselors, fill out the forms and ask for course syllabuses. Still looking for what you need? Check this out:

How to teach an e-learning Spanish class

The distance education game is as fairly new to teachers as it is to students. Here is a great place to start when learning how to teach Spanish online. Most distance courses in any field are the brainchildren of innovative educators who have been able to share their expertise. Of course, at this point much of it has been standardized. The Spanish software program distance learning courses use is commonly Moodle or Blackboard. We've compiled a list of resources to help you get started designing and instructing a killer online Spanish course:
Start an online language school iNACOL International Association for K-12 Online Learning
How to get certified online for tutoring spanish TEFL

Still looking? You have more options here: find pages that review accredited Spanish schools stateside and in Spain.

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