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The beauty of the Internet is being able to have a personal Spanish tutor work with you from anywhere in the world. Skype Spanish lessons over the internet are virtually just as good as in-person, one-on-one Spanish lessons, except instead of sourcing from the limited scope of your neighborhood, where in some small rural communities it may be impossible to find a personal Spanish instructor (and even in big cities, the search is harder than you may imagine). Instead, using the Web you can find Skype Spanish professors all over the planet.

This way you can find the best Spanish instructors the world has to offer, as long as they have an internet connection, which these days everybody does. We’ve found that some of the best independent Skype Spanish tutors come from Latin American countries and Spain, where they’ve grown up living and breathing the language, and now want to share their knowledge with people who love the Spanish language and yearn to be able to speak it.

Mind you, these are not just random nobodies who think that simply because they can speak Spanish, that they are somehow qualified to hop on the Internet and start teaching it. Sure, those people exist, but we show you how to avoid these hucksters: by doing careful research. When you find a these Skype Spanish teacher online: vet him, or her. A Spanish tutor via Skype from Spain should be listed on multiple pages. Expand your search. Look on Facebook, Craigslist and other sites to find out who they are, where they are, what they’re teaching and what other students are saying.

That’s a crucial determiner when choosing which independent Skype Spanish tutor to go with: student reviews on objective pages (not just the Facebook page where the tutor can delete negative reviews). It’s important to do your research and we want to share with you which Skype Spanish professors are the ones worth going with. Again, Spanish and Latin American Spanish Skype lessons will most likely provide the best value.

Once you find a Spanish instructor who teaches on Skype or other VoIP internet voice and/or video conferencing software, it is usually pretty easy to work out a payment system. The most commonly used money transfer system is Paypal, which is easy to sign up for, and which all internet Spanish teachers will have. That is, if they’re charging. Some do big group lessons for free so that you can get a sense of what their teaching style is like, then charge later for the next group lesson, or for private lessons. Even if you do have to pay up front, if you don’t get what you asked for then getting your money back is a pretty straightforward process. We believe in Paypal. But that said, we tend to trust the instructors a little more who give out free lessons at first, because if you are going to teach Spanish via Skype, you will want to instill trust in your prospective students.

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We have done the research and compiled a list here on this page where we show you how to find a Skype language tutor for Spanish. These resources include directory listings as well as tips on how to do specialized research depending on what you need in a virtual private Spanish instructor
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Online Spanish courses via Skype Lonely Planet Thorn Tree travel forum provides lively discussion and Spanish teachers Skype reviews. Also look for listings of classes where a tutor teaches a group or a qualified teacher leads a course over telephony. These forums are a great resource for discovering the best internet Skype Spanish school to serve your language level and particular learning needs.

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