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Franklin Spanish - English Speaking / Talking Merriam-Webster Pocket-Sized Electronic Dictionary

Are you looking for a product that can potentially increase your Spanish vocabulary by over 5 million words? Do you want to travel to a Spanish speaking country without having to look like a dumb tourist flipping through a paper book that's soiled from the road, and betrays you as a total rube? If you're wondering "what Spanish dictionary should I travel with?" then welcome to the 21st century, already: here's an awesome product that can literally make you a master Spanish speaker on the sly. The pocket sized Franklin Spanish handheld electronic dictionary is lightweight and portable, so it's perfect for the road. It's got a keypad, so it's easy to type into.

It's also got 4,800 phrases, grammar guides and verb conjugations, all on a no-nonsense interface that delivers the linguistic goods straight up without all the bells and whistles, perfect for when you're in a pinch in a foreign country, and really need to communicate something crucial at the right moment. Here is our hanheld Spanish to English translator review:

Best Spanish travel dictionary
This type of pocket handheld electronic Spanish-English travel dictionary is underrated, for sure. In the age of smartphones, idealistic and, yes, I'm going to say it, geeky young folk think that they can download everything onto their phone and problem solved. I wish that were the case, I really do. But it's time to face facts, kids: your smart phone won't work in most of the Spanish speaking countries that you're going to travel to - not even Spain. Why's that? Well, to get into a whole lecture on telephony and cell phone communications policy and protocol would take all day, but suffice it to say this isn't a glitch that'll work itself out in a few weeks, months or years. Or ever, to be quite honest. No way. Sure, the technology might be feasible, but there are too many lawyers and moneyed interests in the way. Not to mention entire governments: Blackberry is banned in Saudi Arabia! So, long story short, most travelers these days still end up leaving their smart(?) phones at home, and either rely on local pay phones or rent cell phones at the airport. It's just what you have to deal with when traveling.

Portable electronic bilingual Spanish translator
Fortunately, what you may have considered your Plan B is actually the best Spanish travel dictionary option. One of the major, if not the most important aspects of traveling in a Spanish speaking country will be the language barrier. Even I face this a lot when I travel to Central America, and I consider myself quite fluent in Spanish. There will always ALWAYS be words that I don't know, and even at my considerably advanced level of Spanish I am still reaching for the travel dictionary more often than not when I'm on the road. And which dictionary do I have at the ready? None other than the Franklin Spanish Electronic Dictionary.

I love my smart phone, but whenever I travel I leave it at home. Which just makes me laugh every time I hear the stubborn variety of geek who counters that he or she could just download some travel dictionary app to their iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone, then carry the phone around with them and use only the app without using the phone functionality. Obviously, the geek hasn't traveled much. They're just talking. I mean, you'd be crazy to follow their advice. Why risk that expensive smart phone just so you can use some crap app that let's face it, isn't nearly as good as the Franklin Spanish Electronic pocket dictionary and translator. Why am I saying this? Why are you making me say this. You know it's true: most apps are crap. There, I said it. Sure, lotsa caveats, and apps are getting better, but in the electronic dictionary and translator space, there are still light years to go. Seriously, your best bet is to ditch your smart phone and pick up one of these very cost effective, value loaded electronic travel dictionaries and translators. It's not a heavy paper book, it's not a useless smart phone, it's exactly what you need.

Electronic Spanish dictionary reviews
But don't take my word for it. Go online and read all the reviews. Compare this to apps and other electronic dictionary products. You'll see what I'm talking about. Franklin Spanish consumer advice is consistent when it comes to ratings on quality, affordability and durability, not to mention the lexical precision that's fundamental to a product like this. Read the electronic Spanish translator reviews consumers have written about other devices, and compare Franklin Spanish versus Nyrius Global versus Ectaco offerings. Determine what is the Spanish translator type to travel portable that really makes sense for you, because the best electronic Spanish translator for travel is the one that you can actually use (and the one that doesn't break).

When you're ready, and want to take advantage of clearance prices and other great deals on this travel-ready electronic Spanish dictionary, then buy the Franklin Spanish language electronic travel dictionary and translator today, because it is inherently better than the best Spanish dictionary travel app.

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