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Spanish Language Scholarships
Here is a growing list of the different types of Spanish-language related scholarships available on the Internet and through foundations and grant-makers who can be found online. Whether you are seeking to learn Spanish or you wish to be rewarded for your ability to speak Spanish, there is money with your name on it. We help you find that money.

Scholarships to learn Spanish
Here is an article detailing how to best find, apply for, and win a scholarship to study Spanish. Some of these are extremely competitive, it's true, but other grants are just sitting around and waiting to be picked up by the first person to learn they even exist. That's because most people don't know they can get a scholarship just for studying the Spanish language. We show you how to find these little known funds that can make all the difference to your academic success. Read More...

Scholarships open to Spanish speakers
Did you know that simply by being able to speak the Spanish language, you are eligible for a wide variety of scholarships for Spanish speakers, often regardless of the field of study you pursue, that other people can't access? Did you also know that most Spanish speakers don't know about all this free money lying around, which further narrows down the pool and increases your chances of being able to scoop up cash in the form of scholastic prizes and awards that we show you in this article? It's true. Here is where we walk you through a couple of the most overlooked steps to searching for hidden funds, and then we show you how to succeed on your application so you can have a paper check in hand sooner than you thought possible. Read more...

University grants such as scholarships for Hispanics with Spanish majors
Some depend on your ethnicity, other funds are just a sign of appreciation and encouragement to anybody who cares enough to pursue a course of study related to the very important and universal topic of Spanish. Here we list the best scholarships for Spanish majors out there. Read more...

We will also show you how to find helpful articles on the following funds:

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