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Scholarships for Spanish Majors
This is where to look if you are seeking help in paying the tuition and cost of study for a Spanish major. Scholarships, funds, grants and other forms of free money are waiting for you to accept. Yes, there are hoops to jump through. But more often than not we’ve found that these are very large hoops, and they are low to the ground. And not many people know about them. Read on and find out how you can score a juicy scholarship if you are pursuing a degree in a Spanish related focus of study.

First, some background: students who pursue an intensive four year course of undergraduate study or graduate work in Hispanic Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies or the Spanish Major are entering one of the more socially, politically and, more and more, economically important subsections of the humanities. It’s not just a niche subject any more. The increasing number of grants for Spanish majors shows that foundations are taking this seriously, and are nurturing a growing field of scholars, thinkers, entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to take on this vast yet crucial area of expertise. As you already know, it is so much more than just knowing the Spanish language—which in and of itself is a fundamental key to succeeding and understanding America plus a huge section of the emerging world—but it’s the cultural context, policy papers, literary background and complex and diverse ethnic heritage that make up the study of Spanish.

This is all just to explain that there are some serious institutions with serious money looking to place that money in the right hands, and provided your grades are decent and your head is in the game it is fairly easy to prove to these folks that you are the right person to get that money. Here is a list of a few of the best scholarships for Spanish majors:

Isabelle Allende Scholarship info provided by California State University at San Jose, CA.
Meta Marion Goldsmith Scholarship SJSU
Spanish Majors scholarship Barbara Ann Ward

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