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Spanish Summer School
The great thing about short term intensive language practice is that students can, in a period of one to four weeks, learn more than a year’s worth of classroom exercises and homework assignments. Sure, language practice is a daily affair and should be studied year round, but Spanish summer school will deliver real results faster than any high school or grade school program can during the academic calendar. Summer Spanish immersion programs for middle school age kids in the US turn out nearly fluent speakers, not to mention the Spanish summer programs grade school provides.

Summer Spanish immersion programs for kids
Cheap kids' Spanish intensive summer classes are the affordable way to help your child succeed in life. That’s not an exaggeration. To learn Spanish over the summer kids need deep immersion—and it works. That's why parents regularly see children who didn’t even have the confidence to introduce themselves in Spanish come back from grade school, middle school and high school Spanish summer classes speaking fluently, and in such a carefree style that they sometimes thoughtlessly slip into Spanish, forgetting that the people around them, like you, are mostly English speakers. Programs emphasizing learn Spanish over the summer for kids have proven again and again to be the most effective option for rapid language acquisition. Best yet, we've found the affordable Spanish language camps, which means you don't have to go bankrupt when doing the right thing for your children.

High school summer school courses for Spanish
This can and does happen even for very young children in Spanish summer programs at grade school level who take summer classes for kids to learn Spanish. It's more than just fluency, though: high school Spanish summer programs for credit, for example, allow children to focus better on fewer classes during the regular school year, which is why choosing a HS Spanish program in summer 2014 will save everybody in your household a lot of headache come 2014. Some help prep for the AP Spanish test which gives university credit to the 11th and 12th graders who pass it, ultimately saving thousands on college tuition. Browse the list on this page to find out what community colleges offer AP Spanish prep courses in the summer because this is one of the smartest ways to get college credit for Spanish quickly: find out how by clicking on the school Web sites and filling out their requests for information. Is there an online school that offers free Spanish classes over summer? If the school offering the courses is a public high school, then the answer is very likely yes. This is an emerging trend, but we're keeping an eye on it as more districts open their networks to this progressive and effective style of teaching summer classes.

It’s the difference between being able to speak the language, and not being able to. Spanish summer school not only teaches children how to speak the language, but how to speak it confidently. It is intensive, but it shouldn’t be regarded as Spanish boot camp. That’s not the type of summer school we’re into, because our mission here is to make Spanish fun and easy. The summer Spanish lessons for kids featured here balance intensive language training with fun activities. Children enjoy the camps, and they learn Spanish faster and more effectively than during the normal school year. We believe that Spanish summer school should be fun, which is why we’ve listed those Spanish summer schools, and not the lame ones. Young adults, like anybody else, need to be engaged and entertained if they are to learn effectively. They also need the life-long memories and bonding that make summer camp so fun. If you're looking for summer Spanish classes or camp for high school students, the listings on this page provide a great starting point. We also encourage you read online reviews and ratings of summer school Spanish programs. Your high school Spanish summer class should be a quality experience. And remember, it's never too late to sign up. Even in July, you can sign up for a two week program in August, for example. The summer lasts longer than you can imagine, and most schools are willing to take last-minute applicants if you hurry up. We show you where you can find summer session Spanish in August online, as well as many other unique and 11th hour options, all listed on this page.

What happens at these summer language programs? What is the day to day curriculum? We encourage you to read the catalogs and camp descriptions to determine whether the Spanish summer camp curriculum is right for your child. Typically, your children will spend a lot of time learning Spanish grammar and vocabulary, and essential pronunciation tricks—the key elements in how to practise Spanish during the summer—but since these are holistic programs they will also be learning about Spanish and Hispanic culture, cooking and singing and doing all the fun things that make a summer camp great, not the least of which is making friends with other kids who are into Spanish. These friendships last a lifetime, and are a fundamental part of building confidence. This isn’t feel-good mumbo jumbo nonsense, this is rock solid language learning science. The more your children feel that there are with like minded people who are also passionate about learning Spanish, the more likely it is that they will pursue Spanish learning to the highest levels, study abroad and cement in their fluency to the point that it gives them a measurable advantage in the workplace, when that time comes. The cheap Spanish intensive summer classes we list pay big dividends in the future.

College credit summer Spanish classes

Virtually every university, private or public, that has a language department will offer summer school Spanish classes for college credit. The benefit here is that usually college students don’t have as large of an academic workload during the summer, meaning that you can focus on the Spanish summer school lessons almost exclusively, as if it were an intensive immersion program.

Spanish summer courses online
The whole point of taking classes outside of the normal fall, winter, spring semester or trimester system is freedom. Not only are you able to hone in on the benefits of the classes offered during the summer, by focusing your attention exclusively upon the subject at hand and getting the most out of it, but you free up your course, credit and unit load during the rest of the year. Still, though, summer plans and general warm weather freedom can still be constricted by having to show up in a classroom during the hot months. Why not take an online class from the comfort of your AC'd apartment, or from the side of a pool for that matter? Lounge chairs and margaritas don't really fly at the schoolhouse, but on the Internet who's looking? Just kidding. But seriously, summer is a season where people move around a lot and if you want to succeed and get the best grade possible, you might just be the type of language learner who responds better to virtual Spanish lessons at a low price online summer school starting anytime throughout May (aka Maymester), June, July, August and September. One week, two week, month long, two-month long sessions, it's all available and easy to enroll. Just pull out your credit card and start filling in the online forms, requesting information and signing up for summer classes online. You could be completing your first homework assignment in a couple hours, and be that much closer to getting your valuable credits and enjoying the rest of your summer! Check out some of the best distance learning Spanish options here.

Online Spanish summer courses are open and available to a broad number of students, because schools realize that these correspondence courses take time, time that most people only have outside of the normal academic calendar year. Spanish online summer school makes this possible, allowing you to take a college credit intensive spanish course from wherever you happen to be during the warmer months. Online summer school Spanish is a very popular option as it allows you to learn faster and then spend more time outdoors. We've listed distance learning programs in Spanish at all levels and for all needs below among the summer Spanish courses college, so sign up today, regardless of which method of instruction you choose, you'll free up valuable time for work, play and study during the regular school year.

Cheap summer school
Some of these schools actually do offer university level Spanish immersion courses over the summer. This is an excellent opportunity for students doing intensive high school language courses in Spanish for college credit applicable toward class units at a university. And best of all many allow students in who are not enrolled as full-time students, so that students as young as high school age, and other students well above college age, can all get together and learn Spanish over the summer at an established, accredited and reputable college. That’s what we’ve listed, and we especially like these programs because they are significantly cheaper than Spanish classes offered during the school year. And speaking of affordable, distance learners can take advantage of Spanish summer courses for online college credit. This has all the benefits of a summer session (including the price) plus the flexibility of the Internet. Of course your Web exams will still follow the summer schedule.

Summer school Spanish immersion programs for adults
Language education in May, June, July, August and September is not just for kids, and a Spanish summer school program can be for any age, at any level of learning. What's important is to choose the right program that fits your language learning needs, be it online summer Spanish, traditional classroom lessons or even adult summer Spanish camp. The curriculum for summer Spanish class programs varies from school to school. Fortunately, there is a lot of selection among adult ed Spanish classes in summer 2014. In addition to the cheap university Spanish summer courses mentioned above, adults learn Spanish at camps or can choose from a wide variety of language learning summer schools and university level Spanish summer sessions. Private language institutes, as well as accredited community college language departments, offer continuing education credit in addition to not-for-credit Spanish proficiency classes available to adults in the summer, when it is usually easier to break free and focus on learning a new language for a few weeks. The results of these adult summer Spanish programs are amazing, and disprove all the antiquated notions that the more mature brain is incapable of learning a new language. Adult Spanish summer school is where people become fluent in Spanish. These courses prove that you can learn a new language no matter how old you are, because adults of all ages are gaining Spanish fluency through summer courses in Spanish. If you're looking for a budget Spanish course summer 2014, browse our listings below where we feature the best language learning summer programs for adult students:

Spanish summer sessions
No matter what age you are or level of language learning you are at you can get summer class Spanish credit: if you're taking an online Spanish I summer course or a Spanish 201 classroom Maymester seminar, online summer high school courses in Spanish, free online summer school for 6th graders, it all counts. Any student can learn Spanish during summer: this is exactly how to learn Spanish quickly in a summer. It's just a few clicks away, starting here you can find community colleges with open online Spanish classes for summer 2014, where you can look for programs being offered that fit your level or language acquisition, or that of your children if you're looking for Spanish summer camps. Do note, however, that many college Spanish summer classes are open to or even specifically tailored toward high school students who want to get college credit, often by getting that extra preparation for the Advanced Placement AP Spanish test. No matter what level you are looking for, or where you are, there is ample opportunity to learn Spanish this summer 2014, including adult continuing education Spanish institutes:

Summer schools in Spanish in California
Spanish summer sessions University of California at Berkeley, CA. Sign up online for elementary and intermediate Spanish workshops for Summer 2014.
Spanish summer program for children Lake Tahoe Community College. Note that this is an intensive summer camp Spanish immersion CA program.

The lists we feature on this page will serve you in finding Spanish summer classes for all ages including language camp programs. These resources put you well on your way to finding the best Spanish summer camp near Southern California. Summer 2014 credits for college students can be obtained at the listed sessions.

San Antonio summer courses in Spanish New World Spanish Summer Camp. If you're looking for summer Spanish classes for kids in San Antonio, we can highly recommend this program.

New York
Spanish kids camp NYC Instituto Cervantes offers a summer camp for kids and teens in Manhattan as well as cheap Spanish classes in NYC for learners of all ages. If what you're looking for are Spanish classes for kids, NYC, Summer 2014 then this is where to click, fill out a request for information, email the admin, talk with the teachers and get your kid enrolled fast before sessions are fully booked.
Language courses in Spanish Columbia University School of Continuing Education Summer Sessions, New York, NY.
Spanish immersion summer day camp Bank Street College of Education in New York City. We recommend that you do your research to determine whether or not this type of program is the right fit, and find the listed Bank Street Spanish immersion reviews on the Internet. Residents of New Jersey can easily access these Spanish summer sessions and inexpensive language camps for kids, because any kids Spanish classes camp in New Jersey is easily matched in price and convenience by a Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn-based institute. In addition to the burroughs, like the extensive availability of Spanish class for kids in Brooklyn, for example, low cost kids summer camp in NYC serve the whole tri-state area.

As you can see, finding local colleges summer programs to learn new languages in NYC is a pretty straightforward process if you know where to look.

Summer theatre camp in Spanish for children ages 6-12 Teatro Prometeo Miami Dade College. More information if you're looking for Spanish immersion programs for kids in Miiami, theatre is one of the best vehicles.

Summer Language Camp offering Spanish immersion among other foreign languages offered by the Atlanta International School
Summer Camp for Kids in Georgia The Spanish Academy offers fun Spanish immersion in Atlanta, East Cobb and Suwanee, GA. This is an extremely affordable option for children and toddlers Spanish summer camp in Georgia. Parents are raving about it on the forums, and while some like to exaggerate and joke that it's a Spanish boot camp for children, it actually is pretty effective, despite the fact that there's much more fun than fustigation involved. (That's just a joke; to be clear there's absolutely no fustigation here). Spanish summer lessons for kids in Atlanta, GA are affordable for parents and fun for the young ones.

Learning Spanish in Summer, Massachusetts
Spanish summer courses Boston University, MA
Intermediate Spanish 202 Wellesley College Summer School, MA. You can click through the catalog for more courses at Spanish levels I and II because their program is extensive. If you're wondering where can a person study Spanish 1 in the Wellesley, MA area during the summer, it's here. The summer Spanish classes Boston is home to are also quite extensive and if you're into a bigger city experience, that's where to look.

High school Spanish summer programs Millersville University, PA. This is ideal for adolescent learners who wisely choose to level out their course load over the full year, so rather than taking an online high school Spanish course during the schoolyear, whilst simultaneously taking a whole list of other course, up to six, seven or eight different subjects, students can take online summer school high school Spanish in Pennsylvania or anywhere credits are accepted (and sometimes credits don't matter as much as a passing score on an important test such as the SAT, AP Spanish exam, or A-Levels for the Brits, for example).

Intensive high school language Spanish college credit offered by Concordia Language Villages, Moorhead MN. If you're looking for middle school summer activities in MN, this is the place to start your search. St. Paul summer Spanish programs rival those offered throughout the state, because summer spanish programs in St. Paul MN feature the finest professors PLUS the best infrastructure, which is no surprise considering the high quality of life in the Twin Cities including Minneapolis.

Washington, DC
College Spanish summer 2014 Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies Summer School, Washington, DC

While a lot of attention is paid to Eugene, Bend and Portland, southern Oregon Spanish language for kids programs are some of the most active in the state. Spanish summer for college students, Portland side are facilitated on campus downtown. There are also children's Spanish classes in Oregon City.
Summer Language Courses for Spanish Teachers Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR. This is a great place to begin if you are looking for summer Spanish language immersion in Oregon or:

Full Immersion Spanish Institute classes held on the Wenatchee Valley College Campus at Wenatchee, WA, administered by the Washington State University.

Spanish Summer courses available Summer 2014 at Yavapai College Prescott, AZ 86301

Spanish for kids in Madison Cultured Kids immersion schools, Madison, WI 53719

Summer Spanish Courses offered by the University of Maryland School of Languages, Literature and Cultures at College Park, MD 20742.

Spanish summer camp for kids Creative Works for Children located in Avon, CT 06001.

Spanish immersion for girls 5-8 years old offered in conjunction with other summertime activities at Camp St. Cecilia in Nashville, TN 37205.

North Carolina
Maymester and Summer Spanish programs from the Romance Language Department of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC 27599, including SPAN101 SPAN102, SPAN105, SPAN111, SPAN203, SPAN204, SPAN255 SPAN260, SPAN265, SPAN293, SPAN300, SPAN310, SPAN345, SPAN372, SPAN398. Intermediate, Beginner, Conversational and specialized Spanish courses.

Also look for international programs hosted by US schools that offer classes in foreign countries and even cheap online college credit outside of the United States:

Summer Spanish camps in Spain, college programs

Summer school Spanish CEMS in Barcelona, Spain
Maymester Spanish program in Alicante, Spain. Vanderbilt University Global Education Office. "Maymester" is an emerging concept gaining traction due to its recent success in offering short, intensive, week to month long programs in between the regular academic school calendar year and summer sessions. It's called Maymester, and many colleges now offer these abbreviated pre-Summer sessions in all topic areas, including foreign languages and Castillian.

Costa Rica/Mexico
Summer Spanish immersion in Mexico and Costa Rica administered by Mississippi-based Millsaps College at Jackson, MI
Summer Quarter Spanish immersion in Mexico administered by the University of Washington.

Beginners, intermediate Spanish summer courses Tilburg University, Netherlands (Holland)

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