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Learn Spanish: Language Schools in Hawaii
Most Hawaiian Spanish schools offer classes on Monday and Wednesday, as well as Tuesday and Thursday. Attendance is usually not mandatory, but you will want to be present at as many classes possible because language learning requires daily practice. That means not only the days you get high quality education in the classroom, but also the off days. For self-motivated students, studying every day is not a problem. For most of us, however, the more days spent in class usually affords us a more consistent flow, and better chances that Spanish will be studied every day.

Spanish classes in Hawaii
For Conversational foreign language courses are a good way for beginners to learn Spanish, sign up online for a school in any of the cities Hawaii. Here is where you can find Spanish immersion programs in Honolulu, HI, as well as language academies in Kailua, Hilo, Waipahu and Kaneohe, HI Spanish courses for adults and children. Waimalu, Pearl City, are also home to reputable Spanish institutes offering fun summer Spanish courses that are also interspersed with plenty of time on the beach.

In fact, there's actually more beach and sun time than many actual Spanish speaking countries, so you can get that truly Caribbean experience in the middle of the Pacific. And if you think you won't get exposure to native speakers, think again. The US Western seaboard is only a short flight away, and Hispanics have been filling up Hawaiian cities, adding that much more richness to the local diversity. In some places it's even a lingua franca between Japanese and English and local dialects. Speak Spanish and you can get by in Hawaii. Just ask the locals who have responded to popular demand by setting up accredited Spanish language learning academies in Kahului, Mililani and Kihei, HI. It's all over, and it's a very important language. For a kids Spanish class Hawaii is a perfect option.

But what about the cost of Spanish classes in Hawaii? Cheaper than you think. We've provided listings of the best schools throughout the islands, from year round programs to week-long intensive courses. Locals can study weekends and nights at community college Spanish programs and at the University of Hawaii. Visitors can take advantage of fun-filled language programs that combine tourism packages with Spanish immersion. There's something for everybody here. We've vetted the listings to show you only the top-quality language learning center. Browse these listings and sign up online for affordable, accredited, and FUN Spanish courses in Hawaii.

Classes Offered
Learn Spanish in Hawaii Language Learning Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI
Online Spanish Summer courses Hawaii Intermediate Spanish II (SPAN 202) or also elementary Spanish I (SPAN 101) offered through the University of Hawaii System Distance Learning Courses

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